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It's Not Racism, Mr. President

Constantine Ivanov Wrote: Jul 02, 2012 1:33 PM
According to The Table of Ranks, the biggest racist in our country is today's president. And he should be publicly called as such all the times when he is trying to accuse anybody of racism. He will not stop his racism. We the People should.

Repeat something and it becomes heard. Repeat something often and it becomes accepted fact. Repeat a lie and people believe it even if it defies logic. But if you’re a prominent person and you repeat something that has no factual basis, you truly are a disgusting individual.

One of the accusations that the supporters and allies of President Obama have continued to assert is that challenges to Obama are based on something other than disagreement with his governing policies or philosophies. Unwilling to listen to opposing arguments, they’re convinced that every difference of opinion has to be based on distaste for...