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Ron Paul shows that he is uninformed, brainwashed, and understands absolutely NOTHING about Ukraine. What a political riffraff! Those who Paul calls "own citizens," are in fact Russians, Putin's KGB (??? and ???) agents-saboteurs and terrorists sent to Ukraine specially to tear apart, to cleave the sovereign state of Ukraine. Moreover, those terrorists, following Putin's promise announced by him on his press-conference on March 4, 2014, are using now women and kids as a shield, just like Palestinian terrorists. Shame on Ron Paul!
"why the majority of Jews world wide still vote for left" is a tough question, hard to answer without a plunge into the depth of history. One of the interesting attempts to ponder over that issue is a Norman Podhoretz book "Why Are Jews Liberals?" In short, Jews use to consider antisemitism as a Right-wing trend, and react accordingly with the Left leaning. Which is a mistake, because, for instance, Hitler's Nazism was/is National Socialism, which is a Left ideology; Stalin's late antisemitism (a very specific one, though, not actually a real antisemitism: it was against a ), displayed mostly in the so-called "The Case of Doctors" (1951-1953) The Right-Left differentiation of political and ideological trends started actually by accident in 1793 France, and as such, has no sense and/or actual real meaning; it's a conventionality, a dummy one, in my humble opinion. And it does not explain why one of Carl Marx's teachers and advisers was a Jew, Socialist Moses Hess.
During my 50-year long life in the USSR, I've met many Russians (and Jews, to that matter) I didn't like. But Russians had NEVER been "picking leaders", because the system never gave them a slightest chance to elect freely. Thus, your phrase "even compared to us" sounds very gloomy, since it reminds that Americans have several times missed - voluntarily or not - a Democracy-given possibility to chose good leaders. Take a look at the freakin' obama*, Senators and Congresspeople! _____________ *obama, in my broken English parlance, stands for Organized ??st?rd(s) And Marxist Agitator(s)
You're right. Moreover, Communism can't be implemented without oceans of blood, since adherents of that cretinous ideology should annihilate all dissentients (dissidents). Also, Communism excludes any forms of ruling other than a dictatorial government, no matter if it's a personal or a "collective" one (which is nothing but a fake, of course).
Again and again you guys, when talking of Russian atrocities, mention Stalin (i.e. "because the 20th Century was Stalin's fault") as if it was him who started all that horror. Such your mistake is a result of the non-stop lefty propaganda that injects into the collective brain an ideological cliché (an ideologema) that implies that the Marx/Lenin's Communism was good, but Stalin "distorted and botched" the great idea. Nothing could be more wrong. Bolshevism atrocities were started with Lenin and his closest friends Zinoviev, Kamenev, Trotsky, Sverdlov, Rykov, Uritsky, etc., (And unfortunately the overwhelming majority of Bolshevik leaders were Jews. The latter is not a display of Antisemitism, it's my apology, since I am a Jew, a strong anti-Communist, though.) The order to kill the Tsar was issued by Yakov Sverdlov personally.
Faking a smart face while saying such moronic things - isn't it a high performing art? Why not all those who love their kids cross illegally the borders? Why myriads of those who illegally cross our borders out of love to their kids are criminals? Why the "smart" Jeb doesn't understand that the illegals eventually corrode our country demographically, politically and culturally?
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