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sorry for mea culpa: should read In 1938, Hitler also was NOT "Our Biggest Problem Right Then".
In 1938, Hitler also was "Our Biggest Problem Right Then". Is shortsightedness a genetically inherited disease of Lefty journalists, or it is a side effect of brainlessness?
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Bordering on Madness

Constantine Ivanov Wrote: Sep 01, 2014 5:18 PM
Thomas has forgotten that the uncontrolled - read: illegal - Latinos immigration is step-by-step changing the demographic structure of the USA. Moreover, they bring their culture, their language, their habits, their attitude, their service level, their mentality to this country without any wish to adjust themselves to America, but rather to force America adjust to them (I felt it very perceptibly and materially in hospitals and stores). All that makes America a completely different country. By the time when Hispanics will be the majority in the USA (approx., to 2050), the USA will be a new Central America's country, like a New Mexico or New Salvador, etc. This is what they implicit want. It this what We the People explicitly want?
Only our professional feminists and political correctness-addicted Libs deny that women are "constructed" more on emotions basis rather than rational basis. That's why women are more perceptive toward propaganda that is based on emotions by definition. All great orators always were very much lauded and perceived by women.
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Has Hillary Ever Been Right?

Constantine Ivanov Wrote: Aug 31, 2014 10:55 AM
Hilary is Obama in a skirt. Do I need such a creature in the White House? No, I am fed up with the first one. I believe at least a half of America is fed up, too. But if the second one will occupy the House Number One, then farewell to America! Any scum, like Putin, will then scoff at the USA and its FORMER leading role in the world. His middle finger will be what we Americans will always see as a response to any of our initiatives. Putler will run the world. And such a real perspective makes me extremely gloomy. My grandchildren don't deserve it.
The freakin' UN that has completely lost any respect and trust dares condemn Ukrainians defending their country from Russian aggression at the same level as aggressors! What a scum is the UN. Should the UN be reminded that in any war civilians often happen to be collateral victims of military actions, all the more so those civilians who support aggressors?
In my eyes, the Affirmative Action, besides its devastating effect on the school education, is one of the most racial , anti-Blacks and anti-minorities "invention" ever made by Democrats: by lowering all standards, it distinctively proclaims that the authors of that "action" strongly believe that Blacks and in general all minorities are idiots who aren't able to be educated as the rest of us, and to achieve prosperity in their lives without being driven like in a wheelchair by Dems. In other words, Dems openly insist that Blacks are subhumans, mankind of a Second Category. It seems, that besides Ann Coulter (and me) nobody objects the Affirmative Action on the philosophical ground mentioned above.
I bet al-Sharp Ton will call Ann "a racist" for this article. Meanwhile, the Affirmative Action had already destroyed the American school system by lowering all education standards. Now the American middle and high schools show terrible results. I had to teach my grandchildren again after their school classes. What and how they were taught in their school - particularly if in comparison with my school in Moscow 60 years ago - is beyond human understanding...oops!...I mean a human not affected by the Affirmative Action. Simply, a disaster.
If the West (Europe and USA) doesn’t stop mumbling-babbling and doesn’t take prompt decisive vigorous actions, the Kremlin ringleader won’t stop ruining, destroying Ukraine. And it will be on the conscience of the so called “progressive mankind” and “civilized world”. Flexing tongue muscle by the West instead of immediate dynamic actions is nothing but betrayal of all moral norms and standards the West is so eager to expatiate. There is no time to waste hemming and hawing when Putler starts a new World War.
Any government is a Big Liar, but our nowadays government should be put in the Guinness Records Book. It lies up to make me vomiting.
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