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I will not be able to understand the air circulating around the heads of any people who vote for Hillary Clinton for President in 2016. She is directly responsible for the deaths of four American citizens in Benghazi. Period. She should be facing court and public disdain. Nothing else.
Please pack your bags and go join them in the "concentration camps". Bye.
I suggest that Marco Rubio step away from this as soon as possible. He is losing credibility by the moment at this point.
O'Reilly should not have given him this air time to spew his nonsense. Enough already. Stop providing these racists with a platform to continue to make themselves relevant. He can visit all the other networks and get plenty of fawning coverage. How about we have just one news network that doesn't do that, shall we?
Gee, who didn't see this coming? Of course the GOP is softening their views! This was planned all along. Pretend to be tough on nominees, while behind the scenes, wink and nod knowing all would be appointed in the end. The GOP is a joke.
So, Marco Rubio, the darling of the GOP, is lying to us. Yep. Thought so.
Let's see a photo of this president going skeet shooting. What a lie. The man has never held a weapon, let alone shot it. He's way too weak of a man for that. He's never picked up a gun in his life. He lets others protect him - like all liberals do.
And yet, today, Feinstein put up a huge gun ban in the senate to be considered. Idiocy abounds.
Just before the deadline in May, the GOP will give Obama everything he wants, while telling us they are doing the opposite. We already know this game. Just stop with the theatrics already. Every single person in Washington is a liar and a thief. Every single one of them.
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Allen West Won't Run Again

Constance50 Wrote: Jan 20, 2013 4:16 PM
Geez, we have to look at that big-eared freak living in the White House for that many more days? I think I need a drink...
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