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A Young College Grad Calls My Show

conspiracygirl Wrote: May 28, 2014 1:49 PM
Quite the opposite. We're all a little dumber for having such simple-minded people as Dennis Prager, who can't differentiate the citizens of a country from its government, as talk-show hosts. Why would individual Syrians, who may be good and honorable people, think the government of the USA is good for wanting to bomb their children...? Colleges may indeed be strewn with liberal professors, but you can be sure they were all trying to rationalize Obama's and Hillary's desire to bomb Syrians -- to send a message to Assad. Killing people to "send a "message...?" Wow. That's pathological. Fortunately, this young graduate sees through this psychosis.
This would seem to be a very poorly designed poll, as it results are very different from all other polls. The failure of neoconservatism is being more and more recognized. Even Newt Gingrich has admitted that neoconservatism has been wrong on foreign policy. If the GOP is determined to self-destruct and Christie somehow ends up being the nominee I'll vote for the LP candidate again, without hesitation. It's my policy to never reward the bad behavior of politicians.
Who is a leftist...? I'm not voting for Obama!! But your erroneous assumption illustrates another unfortunate factoid about conservatives. They consider civil liberties to be a "leftist" idea. No matter that gun rights, freedom of religion, free speech, the freedom to assemble and protest are all civil liberties. Nope. If you support those you're a godless commie socialist.
Oh....? It seems to me that conservatives are just fine with giving up their liberty. Do you support the Patriot Act...? That is a violation of your liberty and the constitution. Do you support indefinite detention of American citizens without charges, trial, or any kind of due process...? That is also a violation of liberty and the constitution. Romney supports it, and it has not been a big deal with conservatives in this election. No, I think conservatives will meekly go along with anything that the GOP proposes, no matter how it crushes their freedoms.
Americans are pretty uneducated on their own American history. It used to be Democrats who were the hawks clamoring for war everywhere all the time. it used to be Republicans who were the voice of reason saying that war is serious and needs serious justification. But when Democrats started Vietnam and people who didn't want to die fighting a senseless war protested en masse, and young Democrats started wearing flowers in their hair, a number of big-government liberal uber-hawkish Democrats defected from their party in disgust and joined the Republican Party -- where they called themselves neoconservatives. At first their views were regarded as abhorrent, but over they were accepted, eventually becoming the predominant voice in the GOP.
The salient point here is that there was really no difference between the policies of Newt and Flipper, whereas there is substantial difference between the policies of Ron Paul and Flipper. Why would Ron Paul change his economic positions, especially on the Federal Reserve and monetary policy, just because he lost the nomination to a Keynesian...? Why would he start supporting unconstitutional undeclared wars of aggression just because he lost the nomination to another war-monger...? Why would he suddenly advocate fiscal irresponsibility just because he lost the nomination to someone who isn't serious about spending cuts...? SInce when does "class" come to mean caving in on all you believe to support the status quo...?
Indeed. The USA has adopted a rather narcissistic entitlement mentality....
Oh really...? Name an incident when Ron Paul could not instantly recall names and dates of historical events or the details surrounding any policy...? I can name far younger candidates who stumbled all over themselves.... Senility tends to afflict seniors who have become mentally inactive -- not those who are actively engaged in demanding intellectual pursuits.
Most Republicans think it is insane for any nation to pursue its own interests instead of American interests. (Talk about insane....) Geopolitical analysts, who by definition do not analyze world events from the viewpoint of political ideology, do not regard Iran as insane or suicidal. Even Jewish geopolitical analysts recognize that Iran does not have an insane foreign policy.
Me thinks that thou watches too much TV, Guy Benson. Ron Paul is just using his resources in the most cost-effective manner -- increasing the delegate count instead of vying for meaningless straw poll victories. Rand Paul doest need his daddy's help in getting a job. He's an eye surgeon. And voters have incredibly short memories at the best of times. I recall when McCain made some abominable slurs against Mormons and Mormons vowed they'd never vote for him. McCain brushed it all off and said they'd come around by November, and sure enough.... Anyway, back to your previously scheduled programming....
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