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President Obama Is MIA on Fiscal Policy

Conservativevoicetn Wrote: Aug 19, 2012 6:16 PM
Imposed at every level of commerce this quickly becomes more than just a 1% fee. Talk about your middleman markup.
 feel like a pendulum this election season. Something will happen that makes me want to eviscerate Obama’s statist policies and I’ll write a foaming-at-the-mouth post warning that the President is turning America into Greece.

But then Romney will do something odious and I’ll sound the warning sign with a we-don’t-need-another-big-spender-like-Bush post.

Today, it’s Obama’s turn on the chopping block. I went on Neil Cavuto’s Fox Business News program and commented on the fact that the President doesn’t have a fiscal plan.

We started by discussing the President’s failure to embrace the

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