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President Obama Is MIA on Fiscal Policy

Conservativevoicetn Wrote: Aug 19, 2012 6:14 PM
The answer to your question is simple, The Federal Reserve is printing money to buy the bonds. They will continue this until doomsday. Doomsday is when the value of the dollar is so weak other countries find a new reserve currency. Which they already are looking for. China and Russia are grumbling the loudest. If enough countries abandon the dollar as the world reserve, then the house of cards will truly collapse. No one at the Federal Level has the desire to fix the problem. It is time for the States to take control of Congress and enforce fiscal sanity.
 feel like a pendulum this election season. Something will happen that makes me want to eviscerate Obama’s statist policies and I’ll write a foaming-at-the-mouth post warning that the President is turning America into Greece.

But then Romney will do something odious and I’ll sound the warning sign with a we-don’t-need-another-big-spender-like-Bush post.

Today, it’s Obama’s turn on the chopping block. I went on Neil Cavuto’s Fox Business News program and commented on the fact that the President doesn’t have a fiscal plan.

We started by discussing the President’s failure to embrace the

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