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Romney Was Not the Problem

Conservativevoicetn Wrote: Nov 23, 2012 12:02 AM
Don't forget the ground game. The Dems prepared for hand to hand combat in the large eastern cities. No doubt they manufactured thousands of votes in Cleveland, Philadelphia and Detroit. It takes an army of lawyers ready to fight for each precinct to combat that level of voter fraud.
Her opposition to coal won't be a problem in 2014, the industry will probably be dead by then.
Imposed at every level of commerce this quickly becomes more than just a 1% fee. Talk about your middleman markup.
The answer to your question is simple, The Federal Reserve is printing money to buy the bonds. They will continue this until doomsday. Doomsday is when the value of the dollar is so weak other countries find a new reserve currency. Which they already are looking for. China and Russia are grumbling the loudest. If enough countries abandon the dollar as the world reserve, then the house of cards will truly collapse. No one at the Federal Level has the desire to fix the problem. It is time for the States to take control of Congress and enforce fiscal sanity.
We pray for a change in the Political Policy of the Holy Catholic Church. The Church exhorts us to pray for conservative causes, but to vote for liberal ones. If the Church would only follow its one dictate to Rep Ryan, "Every budget decision should be assessed by whether it protects or threatens human life and dignity." Government doesn't deal in dignity or charity. Government's stock in trade is power. Addicting classes of people to government handouts is an act of power. welfare moms or corporate CEOs or seniors looking to get their fair share. The Church should be warning us away from such addictions and giving the needy an alternative, given from love not the IRS.
Yes, Esequeira, Treating our neighbors with respect and dignity does not mean celebrating their bad habits and self-destructive lifestyle.
Star Parker is my hero
How do we know that MR. Romney pays his income taxes? Because if he didn't, they would have hired him at the white house!
I would say this is just the next step. As long as we are talking about this inanity we aren't discussing how bad the economy is or how we are losing face with the rest of the world.
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