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How sad it is that the best place for the POTUS is back at his fundraiser instead of leading the end of this horrible event.. The smartest thing he's done in 5+ years. Let the Ft. Hood people handle it. They know what they're doing, unlike B.O.
Here's the link to the GOP replacement plan for Obamacare. make sure all you know get it. We're always being told GOP has no plan. WRONG!
'This Law Has Made Our Healthcare System A Lot Better' than being dead, maybe.
There are many things I do NOT agree with when it comes to the Gay community. This isn't one of them. No one is being FORCED to attend. None of the students are going to lose credit hours if they don't attend. I hope the college will do as good a job of publicizing other special events as well as this one. Where I disagree with others is when they feel the need to force me to accept what they want and then make it the law. Equal rights......not rights to make you more equal than all someone once said.
It's amazing that Harry didn't spontaneously burst into flames after that statement.
Nothing Americans love more than pulling off a bandaid very slowly to cause the most pain.
It's teacher's unions who are screwing up education. They want their paychecks and benefits and ONLY teach what will get their students to pass the standardized tests because that is what their pay is based, on how many of their students do well on those tests. These same teachers only teach what will need to be learned to pass SAT and ACT for high school students. Of course Common Core sucks if you think it's only learning to pass standard testing. That was NOT its original intention, but once again unions got their fingers into a place they shouldn't have gotten and screwed it up all in the name of making sure their members are well taken care of, the kids education is secondary to their lifestyle desires.
Who is smarter, the Dems/Liberals who give all this stuff away to their voter base to buy their votes, or the people who take all the free stuff? Seems to me that the Dem/Liberal voter base knows more about what they're doing than the candidates they elect to represent them.
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10 Things to Know for Today

ConservativeSue Wrote: Mar 14, 2014 8:41 AM
#3 must be a mistake. I actually addresses a real issue that needs to be resolved.
That only cost taxpayers $27,906.98 per person they signed up. Who's happy about that?
Here's why B.O. won't put Keystone through..... Liberals have a new sugar daddy. San Francisco billionaire Tom Steyer has pledged to spend up to $100 million dollars in the 2014 election cycle to get federal and state level candidates to enact anti-global warming legislation.
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