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How quickly Dems/Liberals forget that THEY were THE only ones who voted for Obamacare, NOT those who were looking from the outside of D.C. in on the Conservative side along with all the GOP Congressmen who did NOT vote for Obamacare.....not a single member of the GOP voted for Obamacare. Conservatives have been against it since Nancy said, "we have to pass it to see what's in it."
When Jay took the job you know he knew he'd be lying for B.O. Gibbs had to have filled him in on the extent he'd have to make stuff up as he went along. Gibbs hung in there almost all of B.O.'s 1st term before he couldn't take it any longer and he didn't have all of the scandals and terrorist events to deal with like Jay did. B.O.'s lying game is a tough one to keep up with and circumvent. There isn't anyone who can out lie B.O......well maybe Harry and Nancy. I guess Jay grew back some of his conscience.
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Maya Angelou Dead at 86

ConservativeSue Wrote: May 28, 2014 3:14 PM
I too will post that while she had many accomplishments she supported the Liberal agenda and making people more dependent upon government. Makes you wonder why when she supposedly worked so hard to elevate herself out of a government entitlement role lifestyle.
Already a member. Go thing my Dad isn't alive today. This would NOT go over well with him.....a long time hunter.
Writing in candidates is how tickets get split and Conservative lose elections. Vote for Perdue or Kingston. The goal is to KEEP that Senate seat. You canNOT win the war if you lose all the battles.
These are steps that should take place AFTER WE BUILD THE WALL/FENCE FROM TX TO CA. You have to STOP the illegal flow into the country FIRST. You have to have a way to hinder those who are going to come here and commit crimes, such as selling drugs, or trying to blow up innocent Americans. Will the wall/fence keep all the unwanteds out? No, but it'll damn sure make it a heck of a lot more difficult to get into America, especially if the entire border is monitored 24/7. There are lots out of work who would be willing to go through proper training to have such a job and other who would be willing to do the necessary construction for the wall/fence.
How does that chant from B.O.'s peanut gallery go? Oh, yea. YES WE CAN handle the truth. The question is can the Dems/Liberals?
Did I just hear all of the Dems/Liberals in D.C. run to change their shorts?
Dear Harry, Don't you do it. You stick to your convictions. You continue to hold up construction of Keystone. Every Conservative in the USA will love you for it come November, when we gain control of the Senate.
When Dems/Liberals ATTACK Conservatives, that's okay and perfectly legal. When Conservatives fight back at the attacks on them, that's illegal and even more so if the Conservatives have donors with big $. KMA, Harry.
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