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Writing in candidates is how tickets get split and Conservative lose elections. Vote for Perdue or Kingston. The goal is to KEEP that Senate seat. You canNOT win the war if you lose all the battles.
These are steps that should take place AFTER WE BUILD THE WALL/FENCE FROM TX TO CA. You have to STOP the illegal flow into the country FIRST. You have to have a way to hinder those who are going to come here and commit crimes, such as selling drugs, or trying to blow up innocent Americans. Will the wall/fence keep all the unwanteds out? No, but it'll damn sure make it a heck of a lot more difficult to get into America, especially if the entire border is monitored 24/7. There are lots out of work who would be willing to go through proper training to have such a job and other who would be willing to do the necessary construction for the wall/fence.
How does that chant from B.O.'s peanut gallery go? Oh, yea. YES WE CAN handle the truth. The question is can the Dems/Liberals?
Did I just hear all of the Dems/Liberals in D.C. run to change their shorts?
Dear Harry, Don't you do it. You stick to your convictions. You continue to hold up construction of Keystone. Every Conservative in the USA will love you for it come November, when we gain control of the Senate.
When Dems/Liberals ATTACK Conservatives, that's okay and perfectly legal. When Conservatives fight back at the attacks on them, that's illegal and even more so if the Conservatives have donors with big $. KMA, Harry.
Yup. If it's too hot it's Climate Change. If it's too cold it's Climate Change. If neither of those fit, then it's Dubya's fault. Dems/Liberals have it covered no matter what and if you should be so bold as to use fact to debunk the rhetoric, then you're a racist.
Okay,for the sake of this discussion, I'll accept that. What do we call it when a Conservative disagrees with Nancy or Harry? What stupid reason do you come up with for that reply?
If speaking at COLLEGE graduation ceremonies keeps Dems/Liberals from doing more damage to this country for a couple of hours, I'm all for it. I typed college in caps because I don't think they need to be putting political spin on high school graduations. Let a local person or student address the graduating class.
Ah, yes, more Liberal 1%-5% telling us how to run our lives. After all the Liberals have done such a wonderful job of putting more people out of work since the Great Depression than any other administration why shouldn't we take advice from them on how to better ourselves. Remember these are the same people telling you to turn over all of your "wealth" for the common good, but you NEVER see them writing the check relieving themselves of all of their wealth. It that doesn't scream double-standard nothing does.
"Colleagues" refers to the Dems/Liberals as well.
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