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Dear A.G. Eric Holder, Watch and most important LISTEN to this video. You could learn something if you are willing. http://madworldnews.com/black-man-advice-black-people/
COFFEE CONTEMPLATION: Let the new Congress vs. B.O. games begin. I wonder if Congress will be out of session as much in the last 2 years of B.O.'s presidency as it has been the last 6 years? If Congress remains in session all days within the next 2 years, B.O. will NOT be able to slip any appointments through without Congress approving them first.
Isn't it great to read that the people of Ferguson, MO are going to "fix" the judicial system so that they can get the outcomes they want in the future, instead of the outcomes that are the truth? I dare say that if the cop was the person who got killed we would've seen & heard about Ferguson, MO in the news less than 1 minute. Thank you Grand Jury for doing the job you were asked to do....see and evaluate ALL the evidence and make your decision from that evidence, instead of from what the public insisted you base your decision upon.
Sit tight until after the new Congress is sworn in. Then pass a bill to secure the border without all the other junk attached to it. Once the border is secure start to deport all the criminals and those who do not have jobs and are collecting entitlements illegally. Yes, the WHOLE family gets deported if mom and dad don't have jobs. Then the ones who do have jobs need to apply for citizenship or a work visa. Work visas last 1 calendar year. Citizenship applications run the normal legal channels and the illegals go to the END of the line.
That would be a win-win for the GOP. They want the pipeline. It is important to note that 1 Democrat voted NO. That's what kept the Dems/Liberals from getting their 60 votes.....not the GOP.
COFFEE CONTEMPLATION: (high levels of sarcasm) Nah! That can't be. The GOP is all old White men. GOP doesn't elect other genders or ethnic groups. Dems/Liberals keep telling America so.
I guess using George Bush's name as someone who supports her because she said she agrees with his politics (which she does NOT) w/o his consent didn't do too much to boost Nunn's popularity among GA voters. And when she was asked to stop running the ad with George's photo she didn't. That probably isn't going to go over too well for her. I voted to keep GA a RED state.
I still have the same question.....If businesses must keep their religious beliefs @ home when @ work, why don't the LGBT have to leave their sexual preferences at home as well? Why do we "need" to know they are Gay? IMO, that's as much an offense to some as religion is to them.
Why should AMERICANS have to press any buttons EVER to hear English? Answer: WE SHOULD NOT!
FYI, here are the 5 GOP who voted against it. Reps. Paul Broun (Ga.) Scott Garrett (N.J.) Walter Jones (N.C.) Thomas Massie (Ky.) Steve Stockman (Texas)
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