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I still have the same question.....If businesses must keep their religious beliefs @ home when @ work, why don't the LGBT have to leave their sexual preferences at home as well? Why do we "need" to know they are Gay? IMO, that's as much an offense to some as religion is to them.
Why should AMERICANS have to press any buttons EVER to hear English? Answer: WE SHOULD NOT!
FYI, here are the 5 GOP who voted against it. Reps. Paul Broun (Ga.) Scott Garrett (N.J.) Walter Jones (N.C.) Thomas Massie (Ky.) Steve Stockman (Texas)
Another day she forgot to take her meds.
.....and they let these people out without a chaperone?
What no selfies with the kids packed like sardines in rooms and spreading the illnesses they brought with them?
B.O. you sure you want to do that after yesterday's SCOTUS ruling on what you did with those executive powers of yours with the NLRB appointments?
Awwwwh, how touching. They want him back. Not a problem. We'll send him back in the same condition he put Americans in Benghazi right after we're done "talking" to him. Now let us get back to what comes after waterboarding in that terrorists guide to torture. Hmmmmmm, let me see. AHA! This one looks like fun.
No. Only nuns pose a threat to B.O.
How quickly Dems/Liberals forget that THEY were THE only ones who voted for Obamacare, NOT those who were looking from the outside of D.C. in on the Conservative side along with all the GOP Congressmen who did NOT vote for Obamacare.....not a single member of the GOP voted for Obamacare. Conservatives have been against it since Nancy said, "we have to pass it to see what's in it."
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