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Townhall Magazine: The Left's War on Fox News

ConservativesForChoice Wrote: Oct 25, 2012 11:48 AM
If all the Party's moral minority idiots from the 90's, that I thought we had banished to the little kids table after the stupid Buchanan Convention speech in '92 (eight years of Clinton--thanks for nothing), would SHUT UP for just a few more weeks, the rest of us might just be able to win this thing for you! Bad enough you guys defend your political views by hiding behind your 'cafeteria-style' belief in your faith. By the way, you're not considered a 'practicing' Catholic if you've ever used the pill, been divorced, or fail to attend church on a WEEKLY basis. Yes, even in the summertime when you're at the cabin. ACTION ITEM for after the election...Split the party. Tea Party(right-to-lifers), Republicans(fiscally tight but Pro-Choice

The Left's strategy this election season isn't just about defeating Mitt Romney and the Republican Party; it's also about targeting Fox News.

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