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Indiana Senate: Mourdock Under Fire for Abortion Comments

ConservativesForChoice Wrote: Oct 25, 2012 11:38 AM
If all the Party's moral minority idiots from the 90's, that I thought we had banished to the little kids table after the stupid Buchanan Convention speech in '92 (eight years of Clinton--thanks for nothing), would SHUT UP for just a few more weeks, the rest of us might just be able to win this thing for you! Bad enough you guys defend your political views by hiding behind your 'cafeteria-style' belief in your faith. By the way, you're not considered a 'practicing' Catholic if you've ever used the pill, been divorced, or fail to attend church on a WEEKLY basis. Yes, even in the summertime when you're at the cabin. ACTION ITEM for after the election...Split the party. Tea Party(right-to-lifers), Republicans(fiscally tight but Pro-Choice

The tight Indiana Senate race has taken a controversial turn in the last twenty-four hours, as Republican hopeful Richard Mourdock deals with fallout from his remarks about abortion in last night’s debate. It’s the same concept that got Todd Akin in trouble: the candidate’s stance on abortion in the case of rape or incest. Pro-life Mourdock does not support an exception in either case, and his word choice in so stating has him in hot water with Democrats and even some fellows on the Right.

Unlike Akin, however, Mourdock didn’t make an offensive or outrageous claim based on junk...