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that's why they, and all dems, need to be replaced with conservatives. And the first thing we need to do is MASSIVELY limit the feds powers.
can we please get an ajax commenting system? This reloading stuff SUCKS
haha, libs, never argue with a conservative over what is / is not in the Constitution
So did the national debt decreased both of those years? what happened to the "surplus?"
this is the same guy who said CDS's were "perfectly safe"
Greenspan is / was less than brilliant. next
Bush did it, so it's ok for Obama. LOL!
Peter Schiff explains it pretty well rmiller: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NngxJz2aBqg
and by the way, you don't pay taxes on wealth, you pay taxes on income
you're wrong. you're facts are WRONG. The top 3% of earners are paying 53% of the taxes, even though they only earn 23% of the income. The top 13% pay 85% of the taxes, and only control 48% of the wealth. http://www.stevewarshaw.com/a-balanced-approach-to-deficit-reduction/
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