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It's been a long fight for traditional marraige in Illinois. I can't believe it hasn't passed; us- one of the most liberal states in the union- have not legalized it. Both sides have worked hard, so it will be interesting to see the result. I pray we continue to uphold the God-ordained standards of marraige.
yep. and the reps are the ones blamed for not being able to work across the aisle?
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Earning It

what's this going to do? their salary covers maybe their taxes every year... they're senators for a reason... because they have stocks, they are investors. this won't do anything...
hey, looks like those guards have guns!
what's bad is that there was 23% of Reps to view it favorably!
more entertainment! more laughs! she's too funny.
he needs to forget running, right now.
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Nancy Pelosi's Laugh

Great argument against that- the last statement summed it all up.
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