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Tale of Two Presidential Aspirants: Paul Ryan Disses the Gold Standard; Marco Rubio Proposes Good Money

Conservative abroad Wrote: Dec 12, 2012 8:52 PM
This "Natural Republican" BS is the same stuff the Republican leadership tried to pull with the black voting block. They go to church and don't like abortion so they must be conservative. The truth is that the out of wedlock birthrate, crime per capita, and welfare usage is higher in the black and hispanic communities so of course they will favor the Democrats. Affirmative Action didn't help get the black vote and Amnesty won't get the hispanic vote. Hispanics voted 35% for Reagan in '84 and then after the '86 Amnesty, they voted 30% for Bush1. Earth to Republicans....Amnesty doesn't work!

It may have been one of the strangest moments in the history of modern presidential politics.

Presidential aspirant Paul Ryan gave the world a false “Sister Souljah Moment” in publicly dissing a key portion of the legacy of Jack Kemp at the Kemp Foundation Leadership Award Dinner (which had honored Ryan himself with its leadership award last year). It was even odder that Ryan chose to mock — outside his prepared remarks — the gold standard, a core piece of Kemp’s conservative agenda, just as it finally is coming (according to, among many others, the FT ), into “mainstream US...