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The High Cost of Liberalism

Conservative abroad Wrote: Apr 22, 2014 2:43 AM
I assume that Dr. Sowell must couch his observations in the assumption that Liberal leaders (not the useful idiots) don't realize how thier policies are wrong. This is not true. The Liberal leaders are smart (as they like to tell us) and they know what effect they are having and they want those effects to happen. The subject of this column is just another example. The Liberal Elite want to have high prices to keep away the people who can't afford to live near them, the high prices are just as effective as a gated community. This is also why they don't care about mass third world immigration changing America since they will be able to live apart from them. It's only the Middle Class that is harmed.
The situation in Ukraine is about Geo-Politics not about feelings. "As we know, furious people tend to act irrationally, and Putin was not an exception. In his aggression against Ukraine, he has almost no chances to win" I don't see what Putin did as irrational, he is standing up for ethnic Russians in Ukraine and asserting Russia's desire to not have NATO on it's border. We will have to see whether Russia comes out ahead or not, because when the US NGO's supported the coup in Kiev, Russia didn't have many other options.
Jims, The 2nd Amendment is for protection against the government. Our military can easily handle any external threats.
He also looked like a Capitalist Fat Cat and turned off a lot of blue collar workers. Sean Trende from realclearpolitics had a good article about how over 7 million white voters stayed home. He should have stay strong on immigration which helped him win the primary.
Walker has done great things for Wisconsin but has kept his views on Amnesty hidden. Judging by his friendliness with Paul Ryan (amnesty supporter) I don't hold much hope for him on the only issue that will destroy America.
Troglodite, you are absolutely correct!
I would reduce that to 1. Obamacare could be repealed at any time if it gets painfull enough. You will never repeal Amnesty.
Joycey, When the immigrants want "Government Expansion" by 70% (Pew polls), you may find a few conservatives among them, but you will end up shifting the country to the left.
Earl, Who was better? All the others supported Amnesty.
Jason, In the event that you are open to discussion, I would like to say that the only policy that can't be reversed is Amnesty. There is a chance we could repeal Obamacare, which has been clamied to be impossible, if we elect a Republican in '16 and have the Senate. There will be absolutly no-way to undo an Amnesty. Even with current immigration laws an no-amnesty, the electorate shifts continuously to the left. Pew polls show that immigrants favor bigger government by 70%.
You must be a liberal plant. They are the ones that use that term. The only one that she has defended is McConnell. Get your liiberal talking points corrected.
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