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Walker has done great things for Wisconsin but has kept his views on Amnesty hidden. Judging by his friendliness with Paul Ryan (amnesty supporter) I don't hold much hope for him on the only issue that will destroy America.
Troglodite, you are absolutely correct!
I would reduce that to 1. Obamacare could be repealed at any time if it gets painfull enough. You will never repeal Amnesty.
Joycey, When the immigrants want "Government Expansion" by 70% (Pew polls), you may find a few conservatives among them, but you will end up shifting the country to the left.
Earl, Who was better? All the others supported Amnesty.
Jason, In the event that you are open to discussion, I would like to say that the only policy that can't be reversed is Amnesty. There is a chance we could repeal Obamacare, which has been clamied to be impossible, if we elect a Republican in '16 and have the Senate. There will be absolutly no-way to undo an Amnesty. Even with current immigration laws an no-amnesty, the electorate shifts continuously to the left. Pew polls show that immigrants favor bigger government by 70%.
You must be a liberal plant. They are the ones that use that term. The only one that she has defended is McConnell. Get your liiberal talking points corrected.
One fact we know is that when they were pushing Amnesty in 1986 they said it was for 1 million illegals. It turned out to be 3 million. Extrapolate to now..... 12 million = 36 million
Your right Jason, the latest decision just even the playing field with the Unions that could give unlimited amounts and dominate the list of top donors.
Also, look at election results for referendums. Prop. 187 in California limiting services to Illegal aliens won 59 to 41, got Pete Wilson re-elected and made Fienstien take a tough stance on illegals to win re-election. Referendum 121 in Montana in 2012 won 80% of the vote even as the rest of the election split between R and D by close margins. The referendum supporters also couldn't advertise until late in the cycle due to efforts to keep it off the ballot. These results show that the elite on both sides are against the American people.
First for the second question, we should worry about America because we will be in the same situation soon. The answer to your first question is that Mr. Barone is talking about culture and when immigrants came here they self selected to tend more towards wanting freedom and they adopted the "American" culture which used to be heavily stressed by society and we have many cultural norms that reflect that such as "the Melting Pot" and "E Plurbus Unim". Now, there is a rejection of those norms by the cultural and political elite in the form of "Diversity" which celebrates the breakdown of a common culture and ushers in the fractionalization we see in Europe ("Balkanization" from the Balkan countries). The other aspect that Barone doesn't mention is race which the Liberals say doesn't exist but it is readily apparent in even greater shifts of voting patterns than Barone describes with different cultures. This factor has trumped culture and as mass immigration brings in more people that favor big government, our voting patterns will move in that direction as well.
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