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The reason is that there is no such thing as "Arab Guilt". Also, there isn't a large group of African descendants in their countries because in the Arab slave trade the males were commonly castrated.
Sorry for the many posts fellow TH readers, so this is the last one. -Income Inequality is a big issue right now. If you look at a graph of the last 100 years, Inequality was going up until immigration was cut off in 1924. Inequality then declined steadily through the Great Depression and the Post WW2 Boom so it wasn't the ups and downs of the economy that caused it. Then, after the 1965 Hart Celler Act opened up mass immigration again, inequality steadily increased again. This is why the rich guys like Addelson, Zuckerberg, and the Chamber of Commerce are pushing for Amnesty. They want to lower wages, which affects everyone in the workforce, not just immigrants.
"Since then these immigration restrictions have shed their overt racial tones but have morphed into a complicated and restrictive system that makes legal immigration virtually impossible for most would-be immigrants." -You are incorrect Alex. The US takes in more than 1 million legal permanent residents every year. This is more than the entire rest of the world.
I know it sounds kind of crazy, but the immigration situation faced by the Founding Fathers was a little bit different than today. Maybe they knew that would change and so they chose not to make it a Constitutional Right but just a regular law that could be changed when needed. For so many of these pro-immigration mouthpieces, it seems that they think the Declaration said "Life, Liberty, the Pursuit of Happiness, and Immigration".
This article is only about feelings and misleading statements, which is usually reserved for the left wing since they don't have facts to back them up, just like Alex. Look up the Dillingham Commission in which Congress actually STUDIED the effects of immigration before they passed the 1924 Johnson-Reed Act (which was a little more strict than the 1921 Act). It's amazing that Congress would actually use research instead of emotional pleas.
Heretic, you are exactly correct. All other countries on earth think that they have a right to determine their own laws. Mexico enforces theirs and deports the Central American illegals that they catch.
A government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Not any more.
Look at how GE got hooked up by their paid government pals and their CEO was on Obama's jobs council. They paid no taxes in 2011 on Billions of dollars of profit made in America. They made even more billions overseas that they won't bring back here because it would get taxed too.
Jones is also a Patriot on immigration which is anethema to the Establishment GOP and their big money contributors who want to drive down wages.
If people as similar as Russians and Ukrainians can't get along, just imagine what it will be like here in America when things get tough with the many different ethnic groups fighting for their own interests.
Arby, you are right. This is why the future of America is in jeopardy. The only choice is slow or fast growth of government. Even though a 3rd party vote is "wasted", I will vote for the Constitution Party to assuage my conscience.
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