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Mixed Jobs Report Shows Unemployment Down to 7.8%

conservative_one Wrote: Oct 05, 2012 10:08 AM
So, it's October, right before the elections, and now, the unemployment rate drops below 8%. OK. I'll wait and see. I don't trust Obama. I think these #'s are reflecting a lot of part time jobs. This economy is perched on a cliff. I also think the Obama Chicago Machine will say anything just to get across the line 1st in November. Our country is going downhill fast! Just wait for the adjustments to these figures.
Drifter33 Wrote: Oct 05, 2012 10:20 AM
These fantasy numbers will be quietly "revised upward" next month, after the election. And the "experts" who foisted them on us will express "shock".

Same old, same old.

Hey--ONE month to go before the election! Even sooner, for some who can vote early.
The jobs report prepared by the Bureau of Labor Statistics had mixed news today. Job growth was mediocre - only 114,000 new jobs were added in September, which isn't even enough to keep up with population growth. The top-line unemployment number fell to 7.8% and there was actually an increase in the labor force participation rate.

The biggest news consisted of revisions to previous reports. BLS revised the previous two months up by almost 100,000 total jobs (there were 40,000 more jobs added to August and 44,000 jobs added to July).

The economy has remained sluggish, even with the...