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Absolutely! And Cruz means every word of it! He loves this country and it shows!!!!
Be careful Taft. Trying to deal with Communists and Muslim terrorists calls for very specialized techniques. "Speak softly but carry a big stick." Some out there ONLY respect overwhelming strength.
WJF - you've got Obama nailed! HA!!!
I'm with you! These anti-Americans need to face serious questions from serious people. Their loyalty needs to be questioned.
We have yet to see ANY college records showing any level of accomplishments of Barack Obama.
Barack Obama IS effeminate and he IS a sissy! He just so happens to hate this country profoundly, and is changing it in a negative fashion as quickly as possible. He said he would do so and he is! Ted Cruz is the EXACT OPPOSITE of Obama!!! He is a Ronald Reagan Conservative, he loves his country, and he totally knows and respects our Constitution! The very foundation of our nation.
...and Obama himself gave the order to shut the tours and vet memorial. Nice.
When the laughing let's up, you can ask them.
Uh, you'll find him at the country club bar. Don't interrupt him.
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