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Unfortunately many of these terrorists appear to have sold their very souls to the devil himself. Lost forever.
Yeahn now he looks more like 'french fry face'.
Hey, they're people too! Democrats don't want anyone stopped at the border, right?
Local Chicagoans are doing it already, just be patient. The weekly murder rate is so high!
Anyone see the photo of Hamas in the story about them killing 18 of their own for suspected collaboration with Israel? The Hamas guys looked just like the ISIL guys! Huh? How'd that happen?
And may GOD Bless you! HA! Oh, and GOD Bless America too.
Mary Landrieu is my local Democrat! :---( This may be the end for her!!!
It is possible that someone who knew what a jerk this guy would turn out to be may have thought it better to abort him.
+ Absolutely!!!!!
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