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He is eligible Harold. The terminiology defining legality for becoming President is vague at best. Any legal challenge against Cruz will amount to fluff.
Barack Obama is a liar. It is proven, it is a fact. "If you like your current plan, you can keep your plan, If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor."
Yes - they keep getting closer.
Unfortunately - you are correct!
Old John's a peach, isn't he? He's been there so long he probably can't remember when he started? "Why I remember my old friend Ben Franklin......................"
Is that Mega Mosque a reality in NY?
(I've got a nifty .357 Magnum - keep it quiet though - people might think I'm some sort of extremist!)
I'd like to see Cummings get what is coming to him!
Surround your house with oversize soft drinks and large salt shakers - and you should be safe from them.
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