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And we need a leader who LEADS, and a leader who LOVES this country, and we need a leader who honors our Constitution. Indeed, Ted Cruz is such a man. A proud American!!!
Megan Kelly for Maximum Supreme Leader! I think she's a bit more than just a fluff reporter. (But to be 100% honest*** - I only watch her in excerpts - I watch very little tv.)
They actually fear him most because he is a true believer Conservative! So they will attack from all angles.
2 word answer: Ronald Reagan.
Actually Megan Kelly in ANY spot would be great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Does Fundamental Transformation of a country mean anything to you? Does complete Gov't takeover of our entire healthcare system mean anything to you? Does negotiating with Iran who calls us the Great Satan and continues to threaten the very existence of Israel and the USA while developing nuclear weapons mean anything to you? Huh?
How about Ann Coulter for Press Sec. HAAA!
Well he talks tough about police and bible thumpers and gun owners and for the rights of ILLEGAL lawbreaking aliens! So there!
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