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Bye Mary! Time to stay in DC for good! She voted with Barack Hussein Obama 97% of the time! Mary Obama Landrieu.
Tens of thousands of Jihadist fighters are coming from 'moderate' mosques and civilized countries. They quite literally live amongst us!
So who's really ignorant? The leftists laughed out loud at Sarah Palin and demeaned her and her family in very vicious ways. Those same leftists applaud Joe Biden and identify with his charm, wit, and obvious intellect and worldly manner. So tell me who is truly ignorant?
How many Christians have been threatened, killed, and tortured, and had their churches defiled by these monsters? Will we ever know?! Just kill them Obama, they are Muslim monsters!
Good for you Ben Clapper for showing the truth about this proposed Planned Parenthood abortion factory! They kill babies as their business! SHAMEFUL!
In regards to IRS scandal. "....I'll get to the bottom of this..." BHO
A foreign policy that was intelligent, honest, and engaged, could have and would have nipped the power, potential, and spread of ISIS in the bud. We needed to be more engaged in Iraq, both in it's gov't and military. In Syria, we added to the uncertainty of the situation by opposing Assad, who also fights against ISIS.
My point, while not technically correct, *is to point out the overwhelming # of terrorist acts going on worldwide by Muslims. To list them all here would fill many pages. Historically, Muslims have their very start as terrorists.
If he offers you some of his movie popcorn, just say no.
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