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Both! You are on the right track!!!
Fire missiles into all of the countries that support the Palestinians. Randomly fire missiles at will, anytime. Just see how they like it.
We will not have a USA anymore because of spineless dimwits in Washington DC!
The citizens of this country must find a way to powerfully send our message of disapproval to Obama directly! The fact that he is still playing golf and fundraising - AND DIDN'T EVEN GO TO THE BORDER - WHILE IN TEXAS - rell me he doesn't even feel any pressure! We must make Obama hear us!
Mexico should be threatened with trade sanctions IMMEDIATELY unless this illegal flow stops! Just watch them move!
Absolutely! There is NO AMNESTY for our Marine who crossed into Mexico by mistake! He is in prison!
Nancy Pelosi seems happy about it.
Stop the lawbreakers at the border - NOW! What is wrong with this picture? HUH? Why no action? I mean REAL action! This is SO suspicious!!!
Mexico is to blame. PERIOD! *** There is something very wrong with our relationship with Mexico. *** Bush, and now Obama act as though Mexico was this great friend of ours. They are not! They ONLY DEMAND MORE FROM US! Mexico allows thousands of illegals to pour across their border with us - and indeed they encourage it!!! WHY DOESN'T THE USA STOP THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop the lawbreaking - AND DEMAND OUR IMPRISONED MARINE BE RETURNED!!!
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