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May need a bondo job at a bodyshop.
SHAME! Shame on those in DC who continue to bring shame on all of us as they continue to spend OUR money without constraint and help lawbreaking foreigners to feel as comfortable as possible! All I see is shameful acts!
Bless you Senator Jeff Sessions! Bless you for attempting to stop the SHAME that President Obama continues to bring to this great nation. This President is ruining this country and so many Republicans don't even have the backbone to speak out forcefully as you do!!! STOP OBAMA - That's what we sent you there to do REPUBLICANS!!!!!!! Save the USA!
If they want to help, they can go to Ferguson and help rebuild the businesses destroyed by their fellow protesters.
Michael Brown - * threatened a store owner(assault) * stole merchandise from same merchant * refused a direct order from police to get out of the street * punched same policeman in the face * attempted to grab gun from same policeman * ran away from policeman then charged directly at him All of this is factual according to witnesses on hand. Not to say that here is NO police injustice, there is. But each case must be taken individually.
Dress as Santa Claus, dress as Jesus, dress as Mary, dress as Joseph, then go about your business on campus.
Truly a woman of intelligence and distinction for our time. Right up there with Elizabeth Warren.
Interesting that Rand Paul has hitched his wagon to Mitch McConnell. hmmmm, Libertarian?
Defy authority. Display any and all Christmas decorations. Force imbeciles to prove that they are imbeciles.
And we need a leader who LEADS, and a leader who LOVES this country, and we need a leader who honors our Constitution. Indeed, Ted Cruz is such a man. A proud American!!!
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