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Catholic Priest Abandons Democratic Party, Switches Voter Affiliation to Republican

conservative_one Wrote: Aug 15, 2013 11:38 AM
Good gosh, the Democrat Party is the party of abortion, partial birth abortion, and yes, with President Obama - the party against BAIPA = Born Alive Infant Protection Act. Yes, babies born, and delivered alive , because of a failed abortion, are NOT to receive a doctors care! Obama enthusiastically supported this! HE DID! And this guy Bishop Tom Tobin is just now figuring out that he shouldn't be associated with that party! AM ISUPPOSED TO BE IMPRESSED? HUH AM I??? Holy COW - as a Catholic myself, I am profoundly ashamed that Nancy Pelosi and John Kerry, and Joe Biden, are allowed to go to my church! Shame on these people! Shame on the Catholic Church! Bishop Tom - you do not impress me at all, and the nun referenced in the article, she must be incredibly low-information! Help the poor? The Democrats? HUH? Look in every city controlled by Democrats! Please look!