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The Gold Standard Gets Another Look

conservative_librarian Wrote: Aug 30, 2012 3:54 PM
take a deep breath and count to 10 I made no case that 'greenbacks' have intrinsic value... in fact that is the point. gold and greenbacks basically have the same intrinsic value in the 21st century economy Lets not start injecting strawmen and reading between the lines too much, the topic is complicated enough with creating additional issues With regard to GDP, I can agree that it isnt the perfect model. But what I am trying to present is that the creditworthiness of a nation and value of the currency is more tightly linked to useful production than it is to how much of some metal we have stored in vaults. So while CDP is a measure of consumption, it is also can be viewed as a simplistic measure of useful production by the economy.

As Republicans convene in Tampa to nominate Mitt Romney and hammer out their party platform, one of the planks that could attract the most attention is the Party's official position on the gold standard. As it is now being considered, the platform stops short of recommending a return to the gold standard, but does advocate a commission to consider the possibility. However, judging by the reaction with which many Republicans have greeted the idea, one would think that the platform might as well have called for the return of slavery.

The fact that so many supposed conservatives...

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