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Swing State Voters Disagree With Obama's Extreme Abortion Stance

Conservative_Libertarian Wrote: Sep 26, 2012 11:17 AM
Nice try Corbett! Muddy up the waters with throw-away votes just to re-elect Obozo! Not Gonna Happen This Time! News at Eleven 11/6/2012! NoBama 2012 "WE BELIEVE IN AMERICA!" ROMNEY / RYAN in 2012 TCG-L

The Susan B. Anthony List and The Polling Company released a survey today showing swing state voters do not relate to or agree with President Obama's extreme stance on abortion. Those voters also disagree with Obama's mandate requiring religious institutions to cover contraception.  Some key findings:

· A majority of swing voters (54%) are less likely to vote for President Obama after learning that he voted against a law to give equal treatment and constitutional protections to babies born alive after a failed abortion (35% much less likely).

· After learning of President’s Obama’s record...