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Thanks for the head's up, Weardley! TCG-L
Typical!!!!!!!! Just testing your commitment to your spewings.... Asked and Answered With a question (which I expected, if any).... Typical Troll response when no debate can be had to uphold their (in this case... yours) statements!!! TCG-L
Awesome Point, Dan!!! I have been pondering the same as well! If we had a real Congress that is engaged... they could have seen this coming and circumvented Obozo, but then there is the 'Fly in the Ointment'... Harry Reid! Until Horrible Harry is Neutered... All could be lost for Israel in the end through attrition of arms used up! One little country trying to hold on, Muslims daily restocking Hamas, and Obozo putting roadblocks to support of Israel in the way while our Congress takes a (5) week vacation from their duties.. It's a scary thought! We can only hope Bibi amassed enough Iron Dome Munitions to weather the storm! TCG-L
Correction, TROLL... Obozo gave HAMAS Taxpayer money he was never authorized by Congress or the United State's Taxpayers in the first place!!!!! We'll deal with this Maniac Closet Muslim-In-Charge, in due course... Legally and Constitutionally... What a concept...TROLL!!!!!! TCG-L
Hey Svric2... Still waiting for your response to my original 1:03pm post addressing your lies.... What's the matter... Cat Got Your Tongue, Boy? It's easy to spew disinformation... It's another thing to actually Debate FACT and Real Criticism... C'mon Son.. take The Bait! Simon Says... You'll Lose in an Actual Fact-Base Argument... The Choice Is Yours! Bated Breath Awaits... Just Kidding! TROLL! TCG-L
Not true Troll!!!!!! youTube is full of unsolicited posts froms those like yourself... I believe your words as much as "The Dog Did It"... Troll! Your posts fall on deaf ears!!! Live with it or continue spewing Anti-Semitic Lies.... We just don't get excited by Trolls anymore!!! TCG-L
Wow... Imagine That! TCG-L
Good Post, Illbay! Being Agnostic myself... I meet the same lying or idealistic uninformed idiots too! Let the Jews live in peace... that's all they have ever wanted... OK with me! TCG-L
Good one WJF... Willie has been in overtime playing with his and just has to vent, since it's probably dark brown and worn out with scabies!!! TCG-L
“Talk of Hamas is no more than a smoke screen and the brutality of the Jews has been in plain sight for decades long before Hamas came into being as a result of Jewish crimes.” Answer: Again… utter twisted LIES! The Israelis have bent over backwards, at their own peril (and land), to help and live in peace with these nut-case Muslims next door, only to be fired upon daily in the name of Allah and the destruction of ALL Jews! Muslims hate (And Always Have hated, were jealous of and vied to overtake and obliterate any non-believers) and intend to not only destroy any non-believers of their distorted so-called religion written by a horrible Pedophile Conqueror, who valued life… NOT (specifically, The Jews), but have operated in that vain for thousands of years… they will Never Change!…. Not Impressed!!! The only brutality comes from Them… Not the Peace Loving Jews!!! They (Hamas) only subscribe to the later passages of the Koran, when their High Exalted Saint really Lost It mentally and went off the deep end of his drug riddled body’s last gasps of humanity and wrote his vile edicts to ‘Kill’ All Non-Believers in HIM as their Spiritual Leader! It is… What it is… and all the blind devotion to a book written by a mad man won’t change that!!! “There are many good Jews who speak out against the crimes of their leaders. There are many testimonials of Jewish soldiers, academics, rabbis and regular Jews who have spoken of the atrocities begin committed in their name. The crazed Zionists who support the slaughter need to educate themselves and at the very least read what many of the Jews opposed to the actions of the Apartheid State are saying.” Keep on using that defense of Your, words, if you must, but understand this… Nobody in their right mind, no matter what Other Religion the subscribe to, Buys That Argument Anymore!!! Like I said… Actions Speak Volumes!!! LIES and Troll Propaganda, once Again! TCG-L
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