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ObozoCare and the new refrigerator. Yesterday, Lowes delivered my new 4 door french style refrigerator and my wife was ecstatic. When it was time to slide it in place... it wouldn't fit. No matter what we did, it wasn't gonna fit a 36 inch refrigerator into a 35 inch hole. I had to gut the entire space and redo everything. The manufacturer gave inaccurate space requirement information and I paid the price. I had to remove baseboards and tile from my counter top and literally start from scratch with delivery men scratching their heads and chuckling because they told us it wasn't gonna fit no matter how much we wanted it to. ObozoCare is like that too. They lied about its requirements, what it will do, how much it will cost, who it will hurt, etc. No matter how much tinkering they try after the fact to make it work... Eventually it will be have to be scrapped and we start all over again. TCG
Prove It With Facts, Loass!!! You couldn't in a million years, without the typical Obozo strategy of Phoney Science, Lies, Unprovable Ivy Leaguer Claptrap, Subterfuge, Hiding Any and All Proven Solutions, Historical Reference, etc., etc., etc.... Oh But Wait... You ARE an Obozo Operative, so we all expect you to use the same lies and subterfuge in your defense of your Messiah... My Bad! Crooked Is as Crooked Does! Just because you and Obozo have a mutual Quid Pro Quo love affair... does not improve the quality or accuracy of your posts!!! ObozoScare not only is NOT Working... It's an utter Complete Disaster... As Planned! Try bumping uglies with Chrissy Tingles for a while and give it a rest... That is if your girlfriend will give you a furlough to meet with your prissy boy master! I'm sure Mooshelle would understand. TCG
I can't speak for Red... But I'll answer you, DR.... .....YYYYYYEEEEESSSSSS!!! TCG
Give it the 1st Quarter B1rd! Nothing happens until Horrible Harry is Officially Neutered! TCG
Wonder on Indy! Obozo set the stage for this... the House! You folks always badmouth the Rinos in charge and now, when they are doing their damned jobs, you have to ponder it... NO, NO, NO!!! Obozo started this in his insulting little luncheon amd has continued all over the world (at our expense) continues his petty threats! It's about time he get's called on his bluffs!!! The Emperor not only has no clothes... he's missing a major anatomy part(s)... Use your imagination! TCG
Here's a few facts to consider... Obozo has and will use Keystone as a Wedge to get his way with the Conservatives.... Even if he allows Horrible Harry to Somehow Miraculously PASS the NINTH HOUSE BILL to Approve the Keystone Pipeline and send it to the WH for signing..... That's NOT Gonna Happen... This is his Trump Card to hole the bill Hostage to Get His Way With His Idea Of Immigration Reform.... TRANSLATION: I Get 5 - 50 Million new Democratic voters or you sit and spin on your Bill! It's Simply His Strategic War in retribution against his subjugates (The Americans of the USA)! He will follow through with his threats and attempt to legalize ALL Illegals in spite of the reality of the consequences... So Be It! As Boehner said... He WILL Poison The Well and Will Have Declared War!!! We The People Need To Fire This SOB.... Right Now!!! TCG
Awesome, Awesome, Awesome, OldArmy!!!!!!!! I endured jackwagons like that for a One Year Lease of a Townhome and had nothing but perpetual wars with these putrid little Napoleons! Needless to say, I was not on their Christmas Card List when I was finished with them, either. I have 2 homes, both in Rural Areas now and submit to No One (Not That I Ever Did)! HOAs and POAs are a haven for those little pr/cks and pr/ckets to jerk off at anyone that doesn't believe like they do! You Go Old Dude!!! Cudos! TCG
Democrats as described by Forrest Gump... "Stupid Is, as Stupid Does". Obozo and Reid probably threatened them all to vote him back in Leader, less they become Enemies of the 'O' who has said often that if they aren't lock-step with him... they are enemies to be dealt with. Fear of Loss kept Dirty Harry in control! TCG
Obozo doesn't need to cave in to the CPC... This has always been his intent all along! This is just Public Exec Orchestration Window Dressing to justify his original ILLEGAL intents to his Base through Exec Fiat! He has tested the waters already on many occasions and got '0'% rebuke from the Congress and is Feeling His Oats! Not only that... This will be his Conservative Baiting Action, just daring the new Congress in January to Challenge Him! He knows well and good how long he and his AG (TBD) can tie this up in the courts trying to reverse his actions and invalidate any EO's he Pens. He Just Doesn't Give A Rat's Petunia... Time is on his side! It'll take YEARS for the new Congress to reverse his actions in the courts, meanwhile, he sets up 11 million NEW Democratic Voters for 2016... It's Gonna Happen! That... My Friends... Is The Plan And Has Been All Along... Get It Yet??? Like I have said in earlier posts since 11/4/2014... His Party Took A Beating, in spite of the DNC Shenanigans! It's Payback Time (In Obozo's Mind)!!!!! This is the Beast many of us warned THers way back in '07 would be the ruination of this country. The next (2) years are going to be absolute HELL for our newly (to be) Installed Congress (and more importantly... The Citizens of the United States of America)!!! Let the War Begin! TCG
Having observed Obozo since 2007, I have come to notice something most have overlooked. In 2008 - 2010, he always seemed to be perfectly on script. Those were the days Valerie Jarrett had complete control of him and his messaging. Now, with more and more scandals spiraling out of control and being brought to light, he's starting to get angry and going off script, which is showing that huge chink in his armor that has always been suppressed. His handlers are losing their grip on the Narcissist-In-Charge who is lashing back at anyone that disagrees with his ideas, ergo his comments before the election that HIS Agenda Items were on the Ballot... Each and Every One of Them! Watch him closely for the next two years... his reckless disregard for the Constitution and utter disdain of the Electorate is going to come out in spades now. He is more dangerous than ever now... like a cornered wild cat. TCG
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