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Benjamin Netanyahu... Now THAT'S a true LEADER! Obozo couldn't serve him coffee and get it right! TCG-L
Ahhhh... the game's afoot! Eric the Stonewaller is in a serious pickle: Too many documents to shred in time to meet the Judges order, so it's time to make the great escape. He knows it's only a matter of time before his many accumulated victims (and now enemies) are coming for him. He also knows that if he leaves now and is brought up on charges, Obozo has enough time to bail his sorry axe out by Presidential Pardon. If he waited till Obozo was out of office... he knows his goose is cooked, so now, as I said... The Game's Afoot! TCG
Well... I'll give him this much... He Is Consistent... A Baffoon... That Is! Mitt needs to run one last time... and this time... wipe the floor with the idiots (Like Biden) that the DNC comes up with for 2016... Only This Time... Take The Gloves Off!!! TCG
The case should have been thrown out of court (dismissed) due to the misconduct from Obozo's Hench-Man and this hatchet job against Dinesh because he showed Obozo for the Narcissistic worthless POS he is! Rather... the Judge should have put a Bench Warrant out for Holder and his Operatives, but alas... it's better than unjustified jail time. Go write another screenplay about this entire Administration and All Obozo's Operatives and release it in July or August 2016! TCG
Really Ron??? What planet are you from? These parasites now have the financial wherewithal to go on the black market and just buy one ( A Nuclear Bomb)... take your choice... China, Russia, wherever... You're a Moron! When Obozo gives them a free pass and they actually acquire one... people like you (sympathisers) will see just what maniacs they truly are... until then... Spew On... Idiot! TCG
I suspect the mud slinging will start the first pass of opening statements from the Liberal side of the hearing table. Trey Gowdy will have his hands full... just like Darrell Issa has had on his committee hearings. Go Gowdy! TCG
Now K... When was the last time you saw these late-night liberals invite Republicans on their shows to actually give a counter point view to the Dem agenda? Not Gonna Happen... Their machine will say 'It Does Not Compute'!!! TCG
WJF... Until the infighting and bickering in the Republican Party takes a backseat to the task at hand (ending the Obozo Regime Power Structure in the Senate)... It's a Moot Point! The Dems are already well outspending the GOP in preparation for a blood-bath this November... OK... Let them... We conservatives need to keep our eyes on the prize and call them out publicly (All Dems, be they in Local, State, Fed Governments offices or running for such) each and every time they publicly Lie, Distort, Obfuscate, Cheat, Distract, contort, sidestep the truth of their motives and end-game objections! Then and, only then, can we win back the Senate, Hold the House and Neuter Obozo and his minions for his last 2 years in office! The damage to this country is great, but much more can be done if they are not stopped in their tracks this November... Period! What part of that do people not get????? TCG
One example with a positive experience due to an accident. Millions more are forced into literal government forced servitude to provide for the plethora of others who do not pay their own way. Welcome to Utopia... Obozo style! TCG
"President Barack Obama on Saturday condemned as a "barbaric murder" the slaying of British aid worker David Haines by Islamic State extremists." Translation: Obozo: "C'mon my brothers... just do it in secret without the videos and keep me out of it. Now I have to do more Public Lies and Pontification, and make it look I really give a rat's $ss$ what happens to these people... I gotta get back to the 10th tee now!" TCG
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