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Thanks to @Morgenr for the youTube videos in this thread! It proves Gruber is a serious sleazeball feeding off the Government Teet... He's a colossal Liar after yesterday's hearing!!! Obozo, Sebelius, Read, Pelosi, et al, may have run from 'Big Mouth' after his spilling the beans on ObozoScare multiple times... but there's nowhere left to hide! Repeal It, GOP!!!!! TCG
"The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is asking lawmakers not to seat ObamaCare consultant Jonathan Gruber next to Medicare's top official when the two testify on Capitol Hill next week." They ought to be made to double up on each other's laps! They foisted this upon the American People with Lies, Deceptions, Subterfuge, Hidden Details of Costs, Phony Promises, etc..... and now... they don't want to be seen at the table with Gruber... Too Damned Bad, Buckos!!! You made your bed with this Elitist Snob Designer of ObozoCare... Now defend yourselves along side him!!! TCG
You're welcome to go back to sucking up to 'Tingles' at that other place JayBoy!
Thanks for the humorous break TH!!! Happy Holidays... Ahhhh.... "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!" I almost forgot in Obozoland that at least for now... it's still legal to say such things... not gonna hold my breath on that one though! Thanks Guys and Gals. TCG
It's time for the GOP Leadership to quit p.ussy footing around with Obozo and Reid once and for all. Shut it down (the entire Federal Government) completely until after the New Congress is seated... Then get to work funding each and every department by 'Separate' targeted Budget Bills to Surgically re-fund what's important to run the government and Defund ALL Others like EPA, DHS, HHS, IRS, etc. That's how to put a stop to Obozo's Shenanigans once and for all! Keep him corralled until January 2017, then put guards in every room of the WH... Especially where they keep the good Silverware!!! TCG
If you watched 'House of Cards'... you can plainly see exactly the SAME tactics still being used by what's left of the Democratic Party in DC! I was born into a Democratic Family... Came of Age Early... Started working in the job force at 16 and realized even then... Democrats were fools. To this day I'm still the Black Sheep of the family (with a caveat)... BUT EVERYONE in my family just voted 100% Republican... and they were dyed in the wool Dems. As my brother always says at least once when we play golf.... "I May Be Some Dumb... But I'm Not PLUM Dumb"! Nice to see at least some people waking up to realize they have been had.... Day Late & A Dollar Short, nevertheless! What took you so long to realize this Ken? I could go on but I'll just leave it at that. TCG
"Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, a Republican and the Texas governor-elect, said the lawsuit is not asking for monetary damages but is seeking to have the order declared illegal." Hell Yes I want to see Obozo suffer PERSONALLY AND FINANCIALLY! He's in violation of his oath and breaking Federal Law! I guarantee you Hold-Em-Up Holder would demand financial restitution from a Federally Charged criminal... Oh but wait... He's A Criminal Too! We're Screwed. TCG
Looks like Jeh Johnson took a page out of 'Clintonian' Speak... It depends on what the meaning of the word 'is', is! Yepper.... He's definitely an Obozo Liberal, Trained and Indoctrinated ATTORNEY! THAT'S HOW HE GOT THE DAMNED JOB!!! TCG
My sentiments Exactly, WJF!!! Nuke 'Em! TCG
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