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A week ago, last Thursday, My Wifes Mother Died. Her estate is well below $1M, so the two sisters went to work as we (my wife and I) flew her (my wife and oldest daughter and Executor of the Estate) to Washington State (Liberal Nutzoidland) As Executor of the estate! After one week, her sister's husband threw her out of the house accusing her of taking everything from her mother's estate... though her mother hated him and excluded him from the estate distribution... sound familiar? She will be returning tomorrow a week earlier at additional expense to us, but the point is this... Excluded family members by marriage can really cause a serious mess in honoring the dead's wishes out of sheer greed and hope for a wind-fall... Seen it in my own family and (appointed Executor) I prevented it from happening, as well. It is what it is, unfortunately. I feel empathy for the families with over $1M in their estates as these thing are inevitable... It's Human Nature and Greed... Sad but true! The Federal Government has no business (OR RIGHT) to family decisions on distribution of assets after the death of a loved one, especially since the assets 'Were Already Taxed!!!' Liberals will never let this unjust taxation of family assets go without what they consider their fair share! It's wrong and needs to be corrected and repealed once and for all! Families can cause enough bad will amongst themselves when money is involved... the Fed just makes it much worse for the grieving family members on top of family squabbles over what they think they deserve!!! Thank God For Full TRUSTS that keep it clear and Simple without Obozo putting his hand out for more free money to waste! TCG
Truer words never spoken, WJF! You summed it up very nicely! too bad our 'Golfer in Chief' will never get or accept this message! The sooner he and his ilk are gone, the sooner we can fix his messes! TCG
I always liked Gen. George Patton's view of war.. To WIN a war... we Must 'Kill People and Break Things'... I agree with you both! TCG
"Obama said in his speech on ISIS this week that the U.S. and its allies will “degrade and ultimately destroy” the terrorist organization." Yeah Right... When Pigs Fly!! Obozo only pontificated Wed. with No Intent to get his hands dirty... Once Again... Smoke & Mirrors! No Nation is going to send THEIR troops into Iraq or Syria on the word of this Clown... Just more political maneuvering to bolster his abysmal (and well deserved) polls! Move on.... nothing to see here! 30K and growing... Bush was Right and Obozo has been wrong for 6 years! TCG
Good One Richard!!! I Totally Missed It! TCG
As usual... Obozo is following the polls and pontificating again! His rep is in the toilet by his own doing so close to the election that is going to be a watershed correction to him and his Dem Operatives in Congress... so he's in damage control mode... nothing new here. His posturing was pathetic at best! He refuses to recognize IS/ISIL/ISIS IS ISLAMIC!! Dana Perino was the First to point out his plagiarism, last night on Megan Kelly's followup on the speech, stealing the words right out of GW's mouth (she was there when GW said it)... That again... was quite deliberate! He just cannot get over his hate for Bush, so he tries to use his (GW's) words to show some perverted form of strength... and at the same time refuses to say the words 'Islamic Terrorists' ! His words are targeted to his political hack operatives and blind sheeple that need to vote Dem to save his power and control in the Senate. He is really pathetic. I believe NOTHING that comes out of this Closet Muslim's mouth... PERIOD! TCG
Yeah... But his 'Pants' were on fire at the time. TCG
It's time to let the chit hit the fan! I suspect Trey Goudy will do a better job of muzzling Elijah Cummings than Darrell Issa has... Although Issa's letter to Holder catching his dept. red-handed in the act of collusion with Cumming's office to provide IRS & Executive branch cover with the media behind closed doors, should prove just how corrupt the Dems really are too! We want not just answers... we want heads to roll once and for all! Maybe Gowdy is just the right man, at the right time. to do it. TCG
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CNN Hires Jay Carney

Conservative_Libertarian Wrote: Sep 11, 2014 8:15 AM
Once a Jay Bird... Always a Jay Bird. I kinda thought he'd land at MSLSD... I guess Jay is better suited to sloppy seconds, after all!!! TCG
"The solution has to be an independently elected attorney general elected by the nation's sheriffs, police chiefs, and prosecutors" BT... That is one of the very BEST recommendations I have seen to date! I'd like to see that expanded to ALL departments under Executive Control, too! Great Post!!! TCG
535 Legislators getting automatic annual COL raises, is Faaaarrrrr from a pressing issue to worry about! Let them have their increases... but holding their Feet to the Fire on the Really important issues IS... Putting A Leash on Obozo and Harry Reid are a 1st Priority need! Until we oust Obozo's Henchmen(women) across the entire spectrum of this Administration, and the Senate... NOTHING else will change. These clowns, including EPA, IRS, DHS, FTC, etc. (too many to list with auto TH refreshes) are destroying, not only our way of life and liberties... but giving away Billions of our dollars to our enemies and allowing (actually orchestrating) an unmitigated Invasion of our Sovereign Land for the sake of the Democratic Party's Continuing Rein in Power! That's an issue worth discussing. Focus on Regaining the Senate... Holding the House... and neutering these parasites until they can all be ousted after the 2014, 2016 elections... FIRST! TCG
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