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I Second That Motion, ATB!!!!! TCG
When you're finished with your love fest for Obozoooooo, Loooo AZZZZZ... Go take an enima and pretend it's your beloved mesiah... anything... just STFUYCB!!!!! TCG
Jeff... while you make several valid and cogent points... Take a course in English Grammar and learn to use punctuation! Your points get buried in the minutia of such long winded ramblings! TCG
Interesting proposition.... I shall have to ponder that one for a while. Good post 'bevgrid'! TCG
Oooooh... this makes me feel so warm and cozy.... NOT! This is just another facet of the Obozo Lame Train to Insanity to control the masses... Only this one is through Surrogates to give His majesty CYA bragging rights. What a bunch of krap! TCG
Count on it, my friend! This is a battle we ALL must be strong and faithful to the cause... to quash the Nutzoids that blindly follow the Power Hungry Liberals in the Executive Branch being controlled from outer sources... Does anybody with a modicum of intelligence believe that Obozo is the Conductor of this Train Wreck... Doubtful, at this point!!! THERE'S A LOT MORE TO BE SEEN ONCE WE RID OURSELVES OF THIS PARASITE and his minions! Take Care, My Friend! TCG
Pardon the 'bus' "but"... 'sad' "said" errors... Fat Finger Disease catches up with us all... sooner or later. TCG
Only one critique ATB... It's "US" Good Conservatives. I too have no tolerance for loons like Lois.... and her ilk... I just get a little more graphic of my ire from time to time... but after years... I'm still here, same as you! That's a good thing, my friend. Like you... I'm tired of the bu..chit rhetoric that constantly from the ObozoBots... bus as Slick Willie sad... It Is... What It Is! Keep on fighting and posting my friend! TCG - NC-Conservative... Formerly Known As Conservative_Libertarian When I moved to NC this last year... I dumped the Libertarian Party and went back to 100% Republican. Like you and many others... I got fed up with RINOs, but there are a lot of new leaders shaping up that I can now see a light at the end of the tunnel. Keep Doing What You Do. TCG
Oh Contraire, Loass! We understand Oh So Well! We, as Conservatives have more Intelligence in our Little Toe Nails, then you and your Messiah and other Minions will ever Grasp! We just know how to call a Spade a Spade and know a Sick Turkey when we see one, in spite of your lame attempts to sneer at and insult us. Life a beach for all you Obozo Operatives, these days... isn't it! TCG
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