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And oh by the way... This little move comes Immediately after Q1 numbers are announced showing the economy dropped to NEGATIVE 2.9% of GDP targets! I see that house of cards starting to tilt... Obozo needs a PR win badly and this is not going to stop his approval numbers from continuing to fall. The stunts he has already pulled on the American Electorate are coming home to roost! Let him Crash & Burn!!! TCG-L
We've seen these tactics sooooo many times from Obozo... no one in Congress with brain one will be taken in again. DHS is extremely well funded, so not buying that one. Once he has his grubby hands on another $2T... he'd just divert it to shipping the masses of illegals to saturate each and every Red State and shore up the Purple ones. Not Gonna Happen This Time Bozo!!!!! Boehner won't take the bait this time and Dirty Harry will just have to continue burying House Bills so deep, a gopher couldn't find them until his Duck-and-Cover mission to save Senate Dems this November.... That's gonna backfire too! TCG-L
TH doesn’t all(ow) a lengthy response.
“Obama plans to make the requests of Congress in a letter to be sent Monday, the White House official said. Details of the emergency appropriation, including the exact amount and how it will be spent, will come after lawmakers return from their holiday recess on July 7, said the official, who was not authorized to speak by name and discussed the requests on condition of anonymity.” Translation: Obozo’s way of CYA and putting the onus on Republicans in Congress to fund his version of dealing with this Crisis (HIS… planned and Executed Brilliantly)! “Obama will also ask that the Homeland Security Department be granted the authority to apply "fast track" procedures to the screening and deportation of all immigrant children traveling without their parents and that stiffer penalties be applied to those who smuggle children across the border, the official said. Obama's requests were reported first by The New York Times.” Translation: Smoke Screen to gain more DHS powers (Remember who they report to) to circumvent Congress making Any decisions and passing new real laws that have real enforcement teeth that he would never sign anyway. Remember… They and Border Patrol are already on ‘Diaper Duty’… Not Protecting Our Borders!!! “In Brownsville, Pelosi said she holds little hope that Congress will pass comprehensive immigration reform this year but that politics should be set aside.” Translation: Another attempt to bring their point home to bear pressure on the House to give them their way. Pelosi: "A few days ago I would have been more optimistic about comprehensive immigration reform," Pelosi said. "I thought that we had been finding a way because we have been very patient and respectful of (Speaker of the House John Boehner) trying to do it one way or another. I don't think he gives us much reason to be hopeful now, but we never give up. There's still the month of July." Translation: The Dems know that the House Speaker and Majority are a serious roadblock to their agenda! Without a Moderate House Leader to Beat Up (Eric Cantor)… They have to go for the big guns now with Public Sympathy as their tool… Not Going To Work This Time! The rest is the minutiae of the story, so read it well! TH doesn’t all a lengthy response to every detail without using multiple responses…. Enough Said. TCG-L
Let us dissect this story: “BROWNSVILLE, Texas (AP) — President Barack Obama will seek more than $2 billion to respond to the flood of immigrants illegally entering the U.S. through the Rio Grande Valley area of Texas and ask for new powers to deal with returning immigrant children apprehended while traveling without their parents, a White House official said Saturday.” Translation: Phase One: Obozo set this up from the very beginning by advertising in Central America to send all your huddled masses to us…. We’ll gladly take them and make Democrat Voters of them! Now that that has been a success and a manufactured crisis is in place… time to go for the big payoff… more taxpayer money to “Deal With The Crisis”… not one word of securing the border… that’s not in the plan. “With Obama looking to Congress for help with what he has called an "urgent humanitarian situation," House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi visited a Border Patrol facility in Brownsville that held unaccompanied children. More than 52,000 unaccompanied children, most from Central America, have been apprehended entering the U.S. illegally since October. The fact is these are children — children and families," Pelosi said. "We have a moral responsibility to address this in a dignified way." Translation: Phase Two: Send Belligerent Botox Ridden Bovine Pelosi to Texas to stir up the pot for sympathy from the OTHER ‘CRUEL and HEARTLESS PARTY’ based upon their (our) humanity and sympathy for ‘The Children’! Read the Fox News Thread below to see what I mean.
So the Wussy from Kenya thinks everybody is being mean to him... Tough Beans, Obozo... You earned every bit of it! Kinda reminds me of the video Jay Leno did on The Tonight Show (which a lot of people believed was true). Though it was edited video... it was inspired by reports from insiders that daily have to endure his back-door tirades. Check it out. TCG-L
Darby & Wags... We, even in the Midwest, saw this happening and knew what was going on... Hell, in Ohio, we saw the same happening in our own elections and PROVED a 'Racist Black Woman' and Staunch Obama Supporter working for the Cincinnati, Ohio BOE (Board of Elections) during the 2012 election as an 'Election Official in Cincinnati' did her level best to circumvent Election Law and was proud of it! She was not only Obstinate about her actions... she was Proud Of It! She Knew she broke the law and defiantly said it on CAMERA!! I still haven't seen that wench going to jail yet! I feel Your Pain Gentlemen!! As of now... I no longer live in Ohio... I am close to North Myrtle Beach, but in NC near the border! I've had enough of Ohio weather and corrupt politics, for a lifetime! You will still see me as an active pundit of Conservative Principles and beliefs... no matter where I live, though! Good posts ALL! TCG-L
Sorry... I had to re-login to post... SageAdvice2014 said: "My only real concern being....None of this stuff will have any affect, until the American people grow a sufficient sized pair to be willing to purge all the sh!t for brains, baby murdering, chicken little, un-American POS like old Hairy "Palms" Reid and his Craphead ilk from both Houses of Congress: TCG-L
Agreed... with a slight caveat, Sage... Horrible Harry will bury this House Bill so far... cockroaches couldn't come across it! Now... If an enterprising 'Private Individual' offered the same reward... that's another story! I call for the Koch Brothers or any other well-off Conservative Individual, to offer a Co-Reward (as most of us cannot afford to do so), so Obozo and Harry can't thwart natural the greed instinct of the lemmings at the IRS to 'Cash-In' and 'Tell All' for the cash reward... under OATH, of course! Money Talks and... You Know! What's good for the Goose.....! The FBI, CIA, NSA, SS and other law enforcement agencies do this every day... It's time to pull the plug on ALL of these coverups by using the best tool available to us mere Citizens... 'Cash Peru'! TCG-L
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