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You answered your own question, HOTM... Yes he will... and yes... he can and will win, IMHO! TCG
Agreed, King! TCG
(IMHO)... Types a little too fast to beat the screen rewrite timer.... my bad. TCG
I could care less at this point what (some) flaming whiners on TH have to say about Mitt Romney! His (lost in the final half hour of election night) ability to win last go around had everything to do with his empathy for others and nice-guy tactics up... against a totally unethical 'Win-At-All-Costs' Slimy Obozo DNC Driven machine with all the corruption and dirty tricks to make even Al Capone feel proud! Compound that with the ineptitude of Reince Priebus' mistakes... and now lessons painfully learned... That dog won't hunt again! When he does (and he most probably will) make his candidacy official, he will win the RNC nomination hands down. Romney would be well advised to add Scott Walker to the ticket. He will win if he does. Jeb Bush would never accept a second fiddle position... and that's OK, too! My read on the rest of the field: As far as Ben Carson.... Much More Qualified to be Surgeon General, that POTUS! As far as Ted Cruz... We need him right where he is! As far as Paul Ryan... Non-Issue... He's happy where he is... so am I. As far as Chris Christie... Chicago and NJ politics and tactics are too close for comfort. As far as Rand Paul... Nice Guy, Smart, Articulate... Still tied to Ron... Not Viable. As far as Marco Rubio... He vacillated and changed on immigration too early on... No! As far as Mike Huckabee... Let's get serious... not in the running (INHO). TCG-L
Agreed RR!!! TCG
Post Postscript..... Maybe even Walker. TCG
Postscript... If he (Mitt Romney) Does run... he would do well bringing Brown on as a running mate! Ryan needs to stay right where he is. TCG
wmou wrote @ 10 mins ago (12:46 PM) "I will not vote for Mitt, Jeb, Huckabee, Christie, Cruz, Ryan or Rubio and neither will a large number of conservatives. That should be a major concern for the republicans. Carson, Walker or Rand Paul might convince me to vote for them. " OK...throw your temper tantrum and stay home... that'll really help the GOP, won't it... If Mitt commits and runs... He is our Last, Best Hope of reversing the damage that Obozo has caused this country, Our Country, Our Used To Be Great Country.... Period!!! I supported, worked for and believed in Mitt the last election (with the exception of letting Fat Candy Crowley Screw Him In the Colorado Debate with Obozo the Idiot)! I would and will in a heartbeat again if asked by the party to do so. I like Christie, Cruz, Brown, Paul, Carson, Bush, et al, but we need a clear winner... That was and is... Mitt Romney (if he declares his candidacy)... again... Period. Obozo would have been toast if not for all the vote tampering by Obozo's minions and we all know it!!!!! Buckle Up Folks... It's Gonna Be A Hell Of A Ride!!! TCG
Correction... 12:02pm. TCG
Thank you MacQ! I was beginning to think I was a lone voice of reason on this thread.... My post from 10:02pm... Enough of this bickering and snide remarks... Boehner is there to stay. As far as him not doing his job... ridiculous! You can't herd cats when they are all controlled by the likes of Piglosi and Reid in the Upper Chamber! Over 130 bills got passed under Boehner's leadership, only to be dropped in a desk drawer of Harry Reid's desk. The shoe's on the other foot now. Take a chill pill and let the two New Leaders Sink or Swim. I suspect Obozo is in for a rough ride forcing his Veto Pen out and finally showing his true colors. the 1st quarter will tell what is to come. TCG
Thanks for the spell check lesson Howard.... It is a rare day when that happens, but I was in a hurry to get to other business needs. As far as your statement... it's hard to ignore, but Boehner has been operating with his hands tied behind his back since the Obozo, Reid and Piglosi Triad started. I still say he has a chance to turn things around. The CR was a (must do) major political problem no matter how it was concocted, but immigration registration funding for illegals was held back until Feb. This gives the House and Senate time to stop Obozo and his misuse of DHS. I'll wait and see where the chips may fall... but yes... Boehner is on a tight leash... and he knows it. TCG
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