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Agreed! TCG-L
We've seen him do it to John Koskinen... and he isn't (Rep. Trey Gowdy) in charge of the IRS investigation.... This one, however... He Is In Charge!!! He's going to armed for bear. Prosecutors always come with their 'A' Game already documented and this man is ready for the fight! Go Trey! TCG-L
Wouldn't you just love to see the 'Reset' Queen squirm under Trey's questioning, Bill? Hell... I'd Pay for a ring-side seat for that one! It'd be even better if he could get that slimy Obozo in the hot seat without his teleprompter! I can see it now... "Uh, Uh, Um, Oh... I'll need to call for another investigation and get back with you... Ah Hem... I'm late for a Tee Time!" TCG-L
Rep. Trey Gowdy is certainly the right man to head up this investigation. He's an experienced Ex Prosecutor with absolutely no tolerance for lies, subterfuge, hedging, obfuscation, stonewalling, avoidance, etc. as evidenced by his questioning of John Koskinen from the IRS! Can't wait for the grillings to begin! As usual, I fully expect the Dems to Pontificate and try to protect Hillary Clinton and Obozo. I think it's safe to say... Gowdy is no Darrell Issa! The gloves will be off from day one and the Dems on the panel will have their hands full with him! Good luck Trey! It's damned well about time we get some straight answers without the 'Fog of Politics' and PC clouding the air. TCG-L
This is a seriously difficult problem to correct and all the money in the Federal Budget, can't fix it alone. There must be stringent 'Strings Attached' to this Bill, with provisions to immediately terminate ALL Senior and Mid-Level Management, en masse! As Piglosi said... it's time to 'Drain the Swamp' (even if she didn't). We all know how powerful the Federal Employee's Union has become and they will fight tooth and nail to prevent any terminations without their blessings... So they need to be neutered in the bill too! There should be a flat across-the-board ban on ALL out-of-town conferences! They can all meet through video conferencing which is very cost effective and allows work and collaboration to occur simultaneously, without the distraction of over-paid outside speakers infinitum for the amusement of employees. They are there to WORK and do the People's Business of taking care of our veterans... not party in Presidential Suites with champagne on our dime! All employee incentives and bonuses must be keyed to actual (measurable) performance with safeguards put into place to prevent any cheating in the future with the threat of immediate termination if caught. The IT systems that are obsolete should be systematically Sunsetted (retired) and replaced with 21st Century systems that actually integrate and work! Ohio State University Hospital has one of the best systems in place, as well do many others... they could all be consulted with to clean up the technology mess currently in use. Fix the Culture, Fix the Technology, Fix the Senior Staffing, Fix the Infrastructure (Damaged or run-down properties), Get the Federal Employee's Union out of there. Do these things and maybe we taxpayers would be a little more understanding of the massive costs being considered in Congress... Don't do that... then you in Congress can be replaced too! Most importantly... the New Money to be allocated to the VA must come from Cuts elsewhere!!! No new 'Credit Card Charges' against the Federal Budget! Just eliminating (dismantling) the EPA would more than offset the entire cost! I'd rather see our Veterans get the care they were promised once and for all, then continue watching an out-of-control EPA systematically destroy our Energy Producing Industry for the protection of a few bugs and fish! TCG-L
Too many other Flies in the Ointment, Thom! As pizzed off as Netanyahu is at this point... Let's keep this Conventional! Utter Palestinian Oblivion should be the last & final step when all else fails! Lets just keep the pressure on to support Israel, (For Now) Conventionally, and not go there until it becomes the only last option. Remember... He (Bibi) has a lot of Hot-Headed Generals that would love to use such a toy (sic)... not a good idea at this juncture. I understand your point though. TCG-L
Thanks for the head's up, Weardley! TCG-L
Typical!!!!!!!! Just testing your commitment to your spewings.... Asked and Answered With a question (which I expected, if any).... Typical Troll response when no debate can be had to uphold their (in this case... yours) statements!!! TCG-L
Awesome Point, Dan!!! I have been pondering the same as well! If we had a real Congress that is engaged... they could have seen this coming and circumvented Obozo, but then there is the 'Fly in the Ointment'... Harry Reid! Until Horrible Harry is Neutered... All could be lost for Israel in the end through attrition of arms used up! One little country trying to hold on, Muslims daily restocking Hamas, and Obozo putting roadblocks to support of Israel in the way while our Congress takes a (5) week vacation from their duties.. It's a scary thought! We can only hope Bibi amassed enough Iron Dome Munitions to weather the storm! TCG-L
Correction, TROLL... Obozo gave HAMAS Taxpayer money he was never authorized by Congress or the United State's Taxpayers in the first place!!!!! We'll deal with this Maniac Closet Muslim-In-Charge, in due course... Legally and Constitutionally... What a concept...TROLL!!!!!! TCG-L
Hey Svric2... Still waiting for your response to my original 1:03pm post addressing your lies.... What's the matter... Cat Got Your Tongue, Boy? It's easy to spew disinformation... It's another thing to actually Debate FACT and Real Criticism... C'mon Son.. take The Bait! Simon Says... You'll Lose in an Actual Fact-Base Argument... The Choice Is Yours! Bated Breath Awaits... Just Kidding! TROLL! TCG-L
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