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Bu!!Sh!t! TCG
Don't hold your breath, Psydoc! This Troll is a Lunatic at best! I've looked at his prior posts and put him there with LoAss... Ignore Him!!! TCG
RR... Scratching won't alleviate the actual cause of your (our) discomfort... Impeachment, might help, but it looks like we're just gonna have a lot of open sores by 11/2016. I just watched his last presser a while ago and had to choke and cough, listening and watching to the Lying Sycophant in Charge. He's so pi ssed and vindictive about the 'D' losses last month, he refused to answer Anyone in the Front Row, much less any Man! This was another poke in the eye to his detractors. He also smugly claimed that Keystone Pipeline will have negligible to no impact on jobs and the economy... Translation: Take your Pipe and Shove It... I'll never approve it! This is the beast we are saddled with for (2) more years. He's far from done with his Scorched Earth (America) policy... trust me... He's just getting started. Cuba is merely a distraction from the other debacles he has orchestrated and plans. Our resident Rinos Boehner / McConnell better grow some serious pairs come January... they're gonna need 'em! TCG
After reading a page or two of comments here, it appears we have a lot of PaulBots who just hate Boehner & McConnell... I've got news for you guys & gals... they ARE our House and Senate leaders, for better or worse. I don't like the $1.1T budget either, but I am willing to give them a chance to either perform... or hang themselves 1st Q next year. They sure as hell beat Dimwit Nancy Piglosi and Horrible Harry Reid by leaps and bounds. Try backing our Conservative leaders... at least until we see their hold cards. TCG
And don't forget all of us NRA members, LL! 2015 will be a pivotal year for ALL of us... not just the middle. Yes, we can and in the end... WILL fend them off! Keep in the back of your mind the millions of rounds of ammo the Feds are stockpiling in ALL departments... even the EPA and HHS... (Wanna guess why) they aren't meant to fight Talibanis and ISIS nutzoids! I'm still trying to create a new user id and retire this one... TH makes it difficult for REAL Conservative Posters... Go Figure! When I moved this year to NC... I dumped the Libertarian Registration and went full goose bozo Republican. We all make at least one mistake... I corrected that one! TCG.... Not TCG-L Check my historical posts...
RR... It's a direct result of an obsolete abortion of a rule that was originally created to give the smaller eastern coastal states an equal footing (so-called) in the national vote when the main form of communication was horseback couriers... "The Electoral College"! It needs to be repealed... but don't hold your breath. Weighted Delegates by state political maneuvering of districts all deciding the State's Vote' in the Primaries, over the 'National Popular Vote' may have been useful in George Washington's day... but it is an abortion of a system in the age of the internet and instant worldwide communications! TCG
""Progressivism is fundamentally a religious faith, which meets the same eternal human needs as traditional faiths do, and for that reason will be with us always. In the last analysis, the progressive faith is a Gnosticism that can only be held at bay, never finally beaten back to earth" D. Horowitz." Interesting post Bliefus... You may be right. The good news is... the 'Sleeping Giant' of Conservative Voters (Rich and Poor)... finally Woke Up and sent the Democrats a serious message... "We've been nice and let you get away with ENOUGH" You Blew it and we WILL take our Country Back... And DID at the ballot box! It depends on (2) men now to start herding the cats in Congress... Boehner and McConnell have to develop Real Guts and STOP the Lobbyist Payoffs and get down to the business of Serving The People that Gave them this major opportunity to SERVE the PEOPLE! Only Time Will Tell! God Help Us All If They Don't!!!!! TCG
I agree 100% with you Rob! I voted for Romney and watched that election be stolen right out from under us. The busses of illegals and multi-voters cost him that election! Obozo and his DemonCrat Cohorts STOLE THAT ELECTION! If he (Romney) runs again... he has my vote again. TCG
Just another place for illegals to bleed our pockets dry. Obozo wants us to pay for baby sitting under the guise of pre-school improvements.... Bologna! TCG
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