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Let's all understand... NP is totally whacked in the brain... She actually believes BHO was really buying into her ideals (what do you expect from a SF Extreme LW Liberal). She will defend him and his empty promises to the bitter end... 11/2014. There is no reasoning, negotiating, discussion or compromise with her and her peers... PERIOD! We need to REALLY CLEAR THE SWAMP!!! TCG-L
"House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi said her party will push a "discharge petition" when Congress returns from its recess on Feb. 24." RR... we've seen these tactics before, when the 'Ditzoid' was the Speaker... Remember... it was the 'Fog' she used to justify passing ObozoScare to see what was in it.! When they try these back-door tactics it usually worked... Past Tense! I seriously doubt it will ever work again. We have enough bloody noses in the Republican Party now to last a Millennium! TCG-L
DemoCraps are in deep Doo Doo with the voters (and they know it), including some of their blind and ignorant core, and will try ANYTHING to deflect from the financial abortion they foisted upon us and down the throats of even gullible complicit Insurance Companies with their carrots... and now the hidden sticks. Nuke 'em! They own this mess... lock, stock and barrel!!! No compromises... None... Nada!!! We all need to keep the pressure on and remind everyone in this country each and every day right up to and including the day of the Primary in November! There will be a day of reckoning and they deserve everything they will suffer for the suffering they are causing us all!!! TCG-L
Until you get your head out of the hole it's buried in... You never will understand!!! TCG-L
I'll probably regret this post, but so be it. We as a society are about to wake up tomorrow to Federally Imposed financial disaster for millions of us...complimemts of Obozo, Harry, Nancy, and the rest of the Nutzoid, Power Intoxicated bunch we call our Government! Being Agnostic... I consider this argument between Creationists and Evolotionists minutae at best! We have much more serious arguments to address right now than this issue. This argument has been going on since man learned to communicate and record their thoughts. I doubt it will have much bearing more on us as a society any more than in the past. We have a Run-Away Senate, White House and Appointed Cabinet Members out to take total control of our entire economy and lives, under the guise of humanitarian policy of fairness for all... Absolute BS! Our worthless President was elected by brain-dead minions based on his color, rather than qualifications and we are all living with the edicts of this Narcissistic Moron in Charge who changes his edicts daily based upon politically skewed polls!!! Come tomorrow... reality is going to start setting in for some of the low to no information voters but alas... the bulk of the voting block at this point only vote for whoever gives them the most free stuff and is Black... not on issues that affect us all... that's a hell of a lot more concerning to me than Darwinism! Gonna have a steak and drink a lot tonight and not worry about old skulls and fables. Happy New Year!!!! TCG-L
'Libby' Joe needs to be forced to retire. He acts politically like a Transgender Senator... Neither a Dem or Repub! However the Poll Winds blow, it's good for Joe. TCG-L
That's the biggest piece of krap I have seen in a long time!!!! Obozo is really getting desperate!!! TCG-L
You're gonna be banned again... Complaints have been filed.
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