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Flagged for your utter ignorance and insult! I'll take so-called Clingers, over Obozo Tree Huggers ANY DAY! TCG
There's a Black Plague facing the US and its name is Barry Soetoro! Nostradamus was right... the third evil has arrived and is operating in high gear. TCG
Tee Hee Hee... You Cheated.... Just how did you avoid Chubaca, though? That mean ugly vermin seems to have eyes in the sides of her head! Tee Hee Hee!!!!!!!! TCG
WJF... your typical cynicism has outlived its usefulness! Either get a grip and support the party... or join Loaass... we really don't care! TCG
I give him 5 minutes with Obozo... that's why he was chosen in the first place! TCG
Scott... Yes They Do Recognise It... They just don't give a rat's a.s! Obozo and company are in top form. TCG
Sorry... Once a Dem... ALWAYS A DEM!!! NO WAY, JOSE!!! TCG
Puppets of Progressive Prosecutors... Not Impressed, Diddi Boy!
Great points All, Bob! TCG
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