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Really Ron??? What planet are you from? These parasites now have the financial wherewithal to go on the black market and just buy one ( A Nuclear Bomb)... take your choice... China, Russia, wherever... You're a Moron! When Obozo gives them a free pass and they actually acquire one... people like you (sympathisers) will see just what maniacs they truly are... until then... Spew On... Idiot! TCG
I suspect the mud slinging will start the first pass of opening statements from the Liberal side of the hearing table. Trey Gowdy will have his hands full... just like Darrell Issa has had on his committee hearings. Go Gowdy! TCG
Now K... When was the last time you saw these late-night liberals invite Republicans on their shows to actually give a counter point view to the Dem agenda? Not Gonna Happen... Their machine will say 'It Does Not Compute'!!! TCG
WJF... Until the infighting and bickering in the Republican Party takes a backseat to the task at hand (ending the Obozo Regime Power Structure in the Senate)... It's a Moot Point! The Dems are already well outspending the GOP in preparation for a blood-bath this November... OK... Let them... We conservatives need to keep our eyes on the prize and call them out publicly (All Dems, be they in Local, State, Fed Governments offices or running for such) each and every time they publicly Lie, Distort, Obfuscate, Cheat, Distract, contort, sidestep the truth of their motives and end-game objections! Then and, only then, can we win back the Senate, Hold the House and Neuter Obozo and his minions for his last 2 years in office! The damage to this country is great, but much more can be done if they are not stopped in their tracks this November... Period! What part of that do people not get????? TCG
One example with a positive experience due to an accident. Millions more are forced into literal government forced servitude to provide for the plethora of others who do not pay their own way. Welcome to Utopia... Obozo style! TCG
"President Barack Obama on Saturday condemned as a "barbaric murder" the slaying of British aid worker David Haines by Islamic State extremists." Translation: Obozo: "C'mon my brothers... just do it in secret without the videos and keep me out of it. Now I have to do more Public Lies and Pontification, and make it look I really give a rat's $ss$ what happens to these people... I gotta get back to the 10th tee now!" TCG
Where's the Boots? They will never be proffered... period! Political words are just that Political! Egypt and Saudi will never risk their military resources in this case, base upon the word of Obozo... They Know Better! TCG
Don't ya just love listening to pre-scripted Talking Points... the woman is a Liberal Buffoon with not a shred of credibility.... But it sounds good to the Sheeple that'll vote for her! Dem = Idiots and Script Readers... ALL! TCG-L
A week ago, last Thursday, My Wifes Mother Died. Her estate is well below $1M, so the two sisters went to work as we (my wife and I) flew her (my wife and oldest daughter and Executor of the Estate) to Washington State (Liberal Nutzoidland) As Executor of the estate! After one week, her sister's husband threw her out of the house accusing her of taking everything from her mother's estate... though her mother hated him and excluded him from the estate distribution... sound familiar? She will be returning tomorrow a week earlier at additional expense to us, but the point is this... Excluded family members by marriage can really cause a serious mess in honoring the dead's wishes out of sheer greed and hope for a wind-fall... Seen it in my own family and (appointed Executor) I prevented it from happening, as well. It is what it is, unfortunately. I feel empathy for the families with over $1M in their estates as these thing are inevitable... It's Human Nature and Greed... Sad but true! The Federal Government has no business (OR RIGHT) to family decisions on distribution of assets after the death of a loved one, especially since the assets 'Were Already Taxed!!!' Liberals will never let this unjust taxation of family assets go without what they consider their fair share! It's wrong and needs to be corrected and repealed once and for all! Families can cause enough bad will amongst themselves when money is involved... the Fed just makes it much worse for the grieving family members on top of family squabbles over what they think they deserve!!! Thank God For Full TRUSTS that keep it clear and Simple without Obozo putting his hand out for more free money to waste! TCG
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