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I like it Mick!!! TCG
Don't hold your breath DW! Obozo has an Iron Clad 'Non-Disclosure' Document in Hagel's Exit Interview Papers to sign! TCG
I hear Al Sharpton is available and is on Obozo's 'A' team! He's as qualified as any other nutzoid Leftist Obozo would appoint! Your point is spot on, @hdeerslayer!!! TCG
Well Chuckie... How do you like Obozo Now???? Just another cog in the Obozo restructuring of the US to suit HIS needs and desires. The moment Hagel turned renegade and told the truth about ISIS... his career future ended. Obozo has always said he would punish ANYONE not on HIS team! He can't have a Defence Secretary actually DOING his job and truthfully reporting and advising. That doesn't fit in the plan to neuter our military useless. Idios, Chuckie!! TCG
Deliberately create a crisis... Then demand $3.7 MORE Money to deal with it. Brilliant! TCG
OK... So Obozo is goading Congress to do something stupid to make himself relevant again... Not Gonna Work This Time, Every Congressman should inform the heads of DHS, ICE, FBI, ATF, etc. that new Legislation will be coming in January and that Obozo has no legal legs to stand on with his orders, hence they need to follow the law... not Emperor Obozo. It's a PR game at this point. TCG
Obozo is about to sign an EO to all his Agency Heads to Ignore and Break the Law of the Land. That's not writing law... That's called 'Lawlessness'! Anyone that thinks he doesn't know exactly what he is doing... is clueless. Now... Even 'CNN' is calling the Democratic Obozo Machine (Administration) a bunch of liars (and Implying Criminals, Which They Are), rather than try to cover for them any longer... It's About Time! Watch the link below and just try to support Obozo (The Lying Piece of Excrement) any longer... He Needs to Be Fired Summarily (Impeached)... Apologies to anyone with a brain that saw through the Minutiae and Subterfuge as I have been warning Ya All since 2007! It's Good To Be Proven Right After All!!!!! TCG P.S. This on top of all the numerous scandals of this corrupt Administration, Including, But NOT Limited To: Benghazi, Fast & Furious, ICE being Hamstrung From Doing Their Job IRS Abuses, NSA Illegal Data Seizures, TSA Incompetence and Over-reach, EPA Horrendous New Power Grabs and Regulations To Block REAL Energy Independence From Foreign Sources, Federal Employee Unions Which Are Un-Constitutional, Secret Service Ineptitude and Scandals, DHS Unconstitutional Over-Reaches, Dodd-Frank Destruction of Our Financial Institutions, Giving the Farm Away To Muslims Terrorists and Freeing Their Commanders, Giving Carte Blanche To The Mullahs in Iran To Continue Building NUKES, Insulting Every Allie We Have Ever Had, And All The Rest Of Obozo's Agenda to 'Fundamentally Change the USA' Translation: (Destroy The Greatest Nation On EARTH) From Within Giving a Pass and Invitation to ALL Illegals Worldwide To Come Here And Become Instant Citizens That Vote DemonCrat With All the Required Freebees At OUR Expense! Back Door Deals With Russia, China, Muslim Terrorist Orgs and Funneling Money To Them....... Need I say More! Impeach The SOB!!!!! Watch The Video... I'll Be Back Another Day With More After Friday's Visit To Vegas To Stick It In Our Eyes Even Further By Obozo & Company!!! http://townhall.com/tipsheet/guybenson/2014/11/19/cnn-obama-promised-obamacare-wouldnt-do-exactly-what-gruber-says-it-will-do-n1921049 TCG
They absolutely FEAR what the 'Wicked Witch of the West' would do if they didn't. Her motto is 'Scorched Earth' to Anyone not with her and Obozo and Reid. TCG
I may be getting older, but I can smell a RAT a mile away, nevertheless. More NY Bloomberg manipulation, only this time through a surrogate... the results are always going to be the same... NOTHING... but lining some lobbyist's pockets! Here's a better idea; 1. Abolish Common Core and return control of lessons to the teachers. a. No one understands it and kids are not learning the basic RRRs. 2. Put Required Physical Education back in school for all grade levels. a. Make the credits in High School mandatory to Graduate. 3. Put REAL food back on the table for the kids in school. a. Tell Mooshelle to go to hell and keep her fat derriere at home and just shut up. 4. Neuter, then abolish all teacher's unions, Federal and State. a. Unions have become nothing more than an arm of the DNC and swindle their membership, rather than represent them. 5. Eliminate All Federal Government Regulations and the Agencies that created them. a. Federal Government intrusion at the local level has never worked... never will! Camara should crawl back under the rock he came out from under and leave drinks alone. Parents can manage their family's consumption of sugars without any labels. TCG
ObozoCare and the new refrigerator. Yesterday, Lowes delivered my new 4 door french style refrigerator and my wife was ecstatic. When it was time to slide it in place... it wouldn't fit. No matter what we did, it wasn't gonna fit a 36 inch refrigerator into a 35 inch hole. I had to gut the entire space and redo everything. The manufacturer gave inaccurate space requirement information and I paid the price. I had to remove baseboards and tile from my counter top and literally start from scratch with delivery men scratching their heads and chuckling because they told us it wasn't gonna fit no matter how much we wanted it to. ObozoCare is like that too. They lied about its requirements, what it will do, how much it will cost, who it will hurt, etc. No matter how much tinkering they try after the fact to make it work... Eventually it will be have to be scrapped and we start all over again. TCG
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