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Colorado will definitely go for Romney! Four years ago there were Obama signs everywhere. Now you have to really search to find them!
Linda, I have been posting things to facebook for two months. I am never nasty, don't call anyone names, I just try to lay the facts out there for people. I have been de-friended by about 4 people. This is the most important election in our lives. Losing people that are not truly my friends is a small price to pay for possible educating a few.
Next thing we know, Obama will be asking for a star on the Hollywood walk of Fame.
As far as I am concerned, he is directly responsible for Amb Stevens death. He, in effect, has committed murder!
It's supposed to start snowing this afternoon. They will blame that on the small crowds!
Notice the "C" with the sun in the middle of the photo? Colored tee shirts were passed out to re-create our beautiful state flag. Awesome!!
Allison believes that Romney is a sexist and misogynist because, obviously, he was able to control which sperm fertilized Ann's eggs, resulting in 5 boys instead of 5 girls.
I drive 500 miles per week all around the Denver metro area. I have been doing a little survey each day of pro-Romney vs pro-Obama bumper stickers. Romney leads by about 3 to 1, and conservatives are much less likely to put advertise their beliefs on their cars. Four years ago it was Obama signs everywhere! Not so much now! I even saw a Subaru with a Romney sticker! Colorado will be red.
She wants everyone to stop bullying and be nice to each other and then she calls the radio host an a-hole. Nice.
I do not believe the polls regarding CO. I live in the southern suburbs of Denver and work in the northern part of town. I travel around the metro area quite a bit for business and have been conducting my own informal count of pro-Romney vs pro-Obama bumper stickers and yard signs. Romney is up 2 to 1. 4 years ago you could not drive a quarter of a mile without seeing a Prius or Subaru filled with stickers. This time around...not so much
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