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If Christies gets the nom, I stay home...period
Different story same outcome. Liberals expose themselves as the least intelligent species on planet earth and surrounding planets and solar systems.
I've pretty much given up that my views will ever be mainstream again but after seeing the CMA's the other night and now reading this and several other stories in the resent past I have to admit that I'm become more optimistic about how things are beginning to look like they are turning around.
P.S. If some how Christie gets the Nom I just might go vote for the democrat.
There's no need for concern for 2 reasons. 1. It's Mitt Romney that lost to a loser like Obama so his opinion on winning elections is as good as mine on hitting home runs at major league level. 2. It's an AP story and that means that Cruz is the most electable canadate in 2016.
actually there is and it's in the form of lead bullets.
There should be a nation wide ban on liberalism...
Nothing about democrats are supported by the vast majority of ordinary Americans. It's the vast majority of the most vile and disgusting Americans that support the democrat party.
Why don't you explain all the other crimes that have gone uninvestigated and unprosecuted? Have you ever heard of Benghazi? The only reason this went so well is because Obama had nothing to do with it and it's one of the few things that government was actually intended to do. So before you start accusing people of anything you should first get your facts straight which I know means nothing to a liberal.
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