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Will Republicans Support Yet Another Bush for President?

ConservaDave Wrote: Dec 04, 2012 4:49 PM
There are a slew of people who have voted 4 times for a Bush just waiting for the chance to say, "There is a Bush I didn't vote for." We are assuming a lot looking to 2016. Will there even be a country? Through massive Democrat voter fraud and naturalization of foreigners unprepared to be real Americans, will elections matter? Will Conservatives finally get so fed up with the antics of Boehner, McConnell, McCain, Linsey Graham, et al, will we decide to form a viable third party? Like Jesse Jackson incoherently mumbled, "Stay out da Bushes."
In January 2008, at a John McCain rally in Columbia, S.C., I asked a number of local politicos to look back to the brutal 2000 Republican primary in their state, the one between McCain and George W. Bush. They had all supported Bush back then, and I asked whether, given the inconclusive wars, runaway federal spending and economic catastrophe of the next eight years, they felt they made the right choice.

The answer was yes. They explained that they had strongly supported Ronald Reagan, and then they supported George H.W. Bush because they had supported Reagan, and then supported George...