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To Appeal to Black Voters, GOP Must Run Gauntlet of Racism Accusations

ConservaDave Wrote: Nov 23, 2012 11:02 AM
The formerly well respected Colin Powell and Condaleeza Rice were considered by the press and the ignorant black community as carrying the Republican white man's water, Uncle Tom, Aunt Jemima, etc., etc. Until those in the black community learn to a greater degree how to think rationally and critically nothing will change. The welfare system and government schools will insure that the change will be difficult if not impossible. Those few but often time brilliant blacks who have learned to think for themselves have by and large exited the Democrat Party Plantation. No amount of "outreach" will change anything without what might be called black led political "missionaries" proselytizing the community one heart at a time.

If the GOP wants to win more black votes, it will need to get a lot more "racist."

The scare quotes are necessary because I don't think the Republican Party is racist now (and, historically, the GOP has a lot less to answer for than the Democratic Party does).

But that hasn't stopped a lot of people from slandering Republicans as racist for one reason or another.

Right now, many in Washington -- particularly the leadership of the Congressional Black Caucus -- insist that Republican attacks on U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice are racist and, yawn, sexist. The basis...