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Ron Paul On Murdered Navy Seal: He Pretty Much Deserved It

christiancon Wrote: Feb 04, 2013 3:36 PM
Live by the sword =die by the sword Interpretation: Fire a weapon at an enemy combatant=someone taking you out by the same means So (dumb lib) this means You get what you deserve- easy as 1+1=2 Your a dumb lib because you look at an old doddering fool make an a s s of himself and then claim he was misquoted or interpreted- and you blame the hero for being a hero. You are not only a lib but are unable to distinguish a valid American patriot from one who plays one on TV.

Former Rep. Ron Paul apparently isn't quite ready to leave the spotlight. Today on his Twitter feed, the failed presidential candidate decided to opine on the recent murder of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, who was helping a fellow soldier recover from PTSD at the time he was killed.


Kyle was known as the "deadliest" sniper and holds the record for the most sniper kills of terrorists in U.S. history. Kyle was a hero and a family man who dedicated his post-military life to helping soldiers recovering...