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Rand Paul Praises Navy SEAL Chris Kyle as a Hero

christiancon Wrote: Feb 05, 2013 2:06 PM
Neither one is acceptable- principles above personalities- He may be right on the economy and some of the constitution but he is A MAN- as fallible as you or I and when he crosses the line on our men in arms he's crossed my line. I hate Obama with a passion. When you guys get confronted on his buffoonish remarks you go off on better than Obama- which is a red herring. Forgiving- ? He hasnt asked for forgiveness- so I can still forgive him BUT he lost my complete respect. He speaks as though his words cant offend- We already have a man who thinks he's more than a man- we dont need replace him with another (though at RP age that aint gonna happen anyway). Sorry he lost me a long time ago but this time it cements it.

In light of the fallout over former Rep. Ron Paul's asinine statements about murdered Navy SEAL Chris Kyle yesterday, Senator Rand Paul told Breitbart the following:

“Chris Kyle was a hero like all Americans who don the uniform to defend our country. Our prayers are with his family during this tragic time.”

Ron Paul doubled down on his statements from Twitter yesterday on his Facebook page:

As a veteran, I certainly recognize that this weekend's violence and killing of Chris Kyle were a tragic and sad event. My condolences...