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Obama May Be Forced to Respond to "Deport Piers Morgan"

christiancon Wrote: Dec 24, 2012 11:39 AM
You are mocking the death of those children with your mind reading of people here. We believe in our constitution and we would be the first to attempt to kill the killer and we would do it with a weapon as lethal or more lethal than the killers. It was a gun free zone and the clown knew it. He came in there without fear about being confronted immediately so he could do the deed. Thats sick and you are sick for not seeing it so take your judgment and shove it where the sun dont shine bozo.
UPDATE: The White House petition is nearing 50,000 signatures, and President Obama is expected to respond. The original post is below the video:

The Obama White House runs a petition website called "We the People," which encourages Americans to sign up with a White House account in order to create and sign petitions. If a petition meets a certain threshold of signatories within 30 days - right now it's 25,000, though that number has changed often - then President Obama will issue an official response.

On December...