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Concealed Carry Training Offered by…Churches?

christiancon Wrote: Nov 25, 2012 7:42 PM
I am sure your version of Jesus and the actual Biblical one have much NOT in common. As you most likely make Him in the image of your liberal philosophy and superimpose it upon Him. I am sure He is unimpressed with your sarcasm and rejects your ideals. Of course you would never know as your ideals are based upon sinful men who seek your worship and adoration. Obama and his minions try and replace the Real God with their own idolatrous selves as objects of reverence. If I were you (and I am glad I am not) I would find out what the Real God expects and live by that in His grace instead of spouting your fake prideful arrogant and judgmental platitudes.

Churches are always looking for new ways to reach out to people—especially men. Some houses of worship across the U.S. have ostensibly found the answer: Offer concealed-carry weapons training. The Daily has the details:

In an effort to increase membership, a number of U.S. churches — including the Church of Christ congregation in this rural village 30 miles north of Columbus — are offering an unconventional public service: Concealed weapons training.

“Church has done a good job with coffee klatsches or whatever, but we haven’t really reached out to guys,” said Jeff Copley, a preacher at...

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