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Uh... Lend Lease.....Where would GB be if that hadnt happened? Uh the tide of war before America arrived: which way was it headed? Germany at the height of war and our bombing Dresden etc. ....Listen GB was wonderful and Churchill stood strong and the fact is GB was awesome in its resolve. That being said without the USA the fuehrer would have had the begining of his reich and the only thing in his way would have been an ocean away.
Lets see open borders, no foreign policy philosophy, law enforcement policy toward terrorists (workplace violence etc), pulling the military back to pre-WW2 levels, treating our soldiers , airman,sailors and marines as though they were disposable pieces of meat, VA scandals with men and women of military service dying, bowing before muslim leaders, ignoring Christian massacres in the middle east for years, castigating Israel for defending herself. I could go on but time constrains me. BUT NOW PLUGS BIDEN IS TALKING LIKE GEORGE PATTON- ...............PATHETIC!
I saw the headline "Piers Morgan thinks".......came here and am now leaving.....
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War -- Past, Present and Future

christiancon Wrote: Sep 03, 2014 2:04 PM
Sage insights by a wise mind.
Now these men were workers-reporters correct?! So isnt this workplace violence?
Careless thinker?????....The above is anything but careless- its logical and coherent. Now if it has meaning something is done- a la the last administration (not perfectly but based upon WAR-not criminal law) and if not then rhetoric a la this administration. No one is saying not to do anything at least not here. We are just describing the liberal mind- and its a far from uninteresting topic. Morals are spouted from the left daily- doing anything about it not so much.
Well that's true too. But so is the latter. Understanding is always good. But I know your'e response- its ---,----,----. No need to share it- I get it. Actually its pretty boring. Have a nice day :)
A lot of us give a ---t. In fact quite a few. I say eradicate them as well. Truth spoken and explained is always good.
Pretty good-actually very good. Showing how insane the liberals are is always invigorating. How are you?
uh yea....I remember when Sarah sawed off Bidens head...wait someone emptied it years ago.....And umm....lets see.....Bill Clinton could of got Bin Laden but Kanduhar was more important than NYC......atheists....yea the ones who want to abort Downs kids but save 18 year old thugs with guns and rap sheets and strong arming habits.....or how about white liberals who loves the black man enough to take away his and her choice of schools in DC and elsewhere in the name of the public school system and watch as the kids GPA and lives are lowered while they themselves send their kids to private schools.....and the fact that race hustlers like Sharpton and Jackson represent the Messiah Barack...and which Tawana Brawley and the people of Crown Heights applaud....and the fact that the middle east under your Messiah has become a cauldron of decapitations, Christian massacres....a thriving middle eastern's that Arab Spring working out for you libs?...I could go on.and on and on......but wait wait just a seconds I havce had an epiphany....BUSH DID IT.......
But they use terms to judge and stigmatize certain others- ie: Bush, Blair, Cheney etc. If they truly dont believe in evil or good- why the judgment and from where does the judgment originate? Its a logjam- a vicious circle that leads to self contradiction. Surely leading a liberal-atheist down this road can only lead to silence because the necessary presupposition has been eliminated ( a higher moral law and law giver).
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