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And if it is does-does it still have a right to be published and read ? You know of course as a "liberal" if that is what you claim to be you are violating the first tenet of your belief system- to allow free speech. Isnt that what the Free Speech Movement in Berkeley in the early 60's was about? The freedom to read and proclaim whatever one wanted? Wasn't book burning villified? --So 40-50 years later your belief system has degenerated to a Hitlerian and Stalnese way of seeing the world? So are you a liberal or a totalitarian?
Its amazing to hear the resoning from people I know concerning this issue. I have heard that he could access those sites to make or get a gun. I have heard that those sites promote guns etc. etc. I remember being in high school and someone was reading Mein Kampf and another The Communist Manifesto- and I thought nothing of it- they were accessable at the library and of course both tomes are recommending revolution and blooshed. Mao's little red book as well. As a conservative I took it for granted that any of these were fair game for consumption. I argued with liberals and vehemently disagreed yet we all survived. That was over 40 years ago. To see what is going on now is Orwellian and is indicative of a totalitarian impulse that I used to think was only meant for lands far from ours.
Well I am convinced now! I was waiting for a lib with intellectual depth and a tremendous background in logic. So along comes such a heavy weight as Cyndi Lauper!!!
I blame this squarely on the GOP. Liberals-marxists and socialists are only doing what they said they would do. People focus on Obama- but Obama is doing exactly what he said he would (forget election rhetoric-read only the other stuff) do so that leaves? THE GOP-RINOS and the idiots that vote them in. 20-22% of the public is stated to be liberal, while 40% are conservative and 35% independent. The problem is liberals are true believers and are willing to fight tooth and nail for their ideals as warped as they are. Other than the tea party we are a nation of democrat lite takers and go along to get along. These issues at the border are a lost cause for a country that has allowed it to proceeed this far. Reagan in 1986 did a stupid thing whgich he acknowleged as so later on. Once he did that should have been the end of it. Now guys like McCain who falsely wear the Reagan mantle have led us to this impasse.
He is turning us into a banana republic so he may as well behave as the leader of one.
The lies the MSM and school system perpetuate would make old time Pravda proud. The devil is always in the details and as long as the MSM and libs can keep the people peppered in lie after lie and distraction after distraction we as a country are doomed.
Obama didn't want it. He wouldn't push it.
Frank is right on this. Bush signed it with the understanding that Obama could keep troops there. I know blaming Bush is all the rage but the fact is Obama hates the military and has NO foreign policy vision for the USA. He is a man who views the world and a board to create egalitarian socialist utopian dreams on. He's either naïve or more likely plain anti American.
The cognitive Dissonance on this issue that has gone on the last 11 years is mind boggling. Bush failed in his conductance of the war BUT the original reasons and the ultimate outcome are unfailingly TRUE as expressed here. I have argued with people who absolutely DONT want to look back at Clintons 1998 declaration and all the evidence. WMD was just a piece of the puzzle really. But as liberals and RINOS love to state by their actions and views: Who needs facts?
Now if he were a conservative........ Ever notice the two tracks in the sand for politicians- leftists are expected to use vile language and conservatives never ever and at the same time conservatives are sticks in the mud if they dont and hypocrites if they do. The left has a perfect scenario for their outbursts as they can never lose.
Its pathetic and criminal- unfortunately a yawn will go out from the collective public. Obama has followed his vision from the beginning (exactly what Cloward Piven and Saul Alinsky playbook advises) to create crisis continually and so disorient a pre-occupied public that anything can be done with little damage control needed. It ain't the early 70's people.
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