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Brian Ross' Brain Cramp

christiancon Wrote: Jul 25, 2012 1:45 AM
"That said, I still don't think Bozell & Co. are quite right when they see Ross' "reporting" as deliberate. For that, Ross would have needed to know what he was saying was untrue. I have to believe Ross didn't want to get the story wrong."---Oh Jonah I love ya man! However you got this one wrong. Ross has NO PRESSURE to get the story right- at all. I can see the ABC audience filled with tea partiers right??? Naw I dont think so. I can see ABC dependent upon tea partiers for acceptance of on air significance? Naw again. Facts are Ross was very likely very aware of the limb he was stepping out on. He knew- (had to know) what a stretch it was- however-HOWEVER this stretch was not a real risk. The fact is for the left and the MSM the stretch .
christiancon Wrote: Jul 25, 2012 1:50 AM
..would be to be a la Juan Williams at NRP or John Stossel at ABC- making statements or conjectures which readily challenge prevaling liberal opinion. For Ross this was definitely not the case. Getting the story right was never the goal- innuendo and name dropping the tea party was a priority howver you can get it out there. Am I assuming too much? Maybe, however think of all the many instances of FALSELY accusing the tea party and think of NORMAL WELL ADJUSTED -just out for the facts reporters looking for the truth- the spectrum would be ...wait for the facts to materialize and do investigative journalism on the actual guy involved on one end......and clear over on the other end... name drop the tea party. I think we know that end is a .
christiancon Wrote: Jul 25, 2012 1:50 AM
..short distance for someone NOT looking for the truth.

If ABC News does fire Brian Ross, he could always find a job working for Aaron Sorkin.

Ross, a veteran investigative reporter for ABC News, blew it Friday morning when he suggested that the Aurora, Colo., shooting suspect, James Holmes, might be connected with the Tea Party.

"There is a Jim Holmes of Aurora, Colorado, page on the Colorado Tea Party site as well, talking about him joining the tea party last year. Now, we don't know if this is the same Jim Holmes," Ross ominously informed "Good Morning America" host George Stephanopoulos, who thought the news "might be significant."