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Making It On Their Own

Connie281 Wrote: Jul 01, 2012 4:10 PM
My alma mater, tiny Wayland Baptist College, has parents that strongly supported women's basketball. For decades, the Flying Queens were number one in the US. Any girl that wanted to make it big in basketball went to Wayland. They toured the world playing against the Russian teams, the Chinese teams, and other Olympic quality women's teams. Many of today's women's basketball coaches were Flying Queens. Then Title IX hit, and when larger universities increased their spending on women's sports, Wayland couldn't compete. So yeah, perhaps women have more opportunities, but their opportunities are more spread out and perhaps not as grand.
How would you like to tell a fifth grade girl who plays travel team soccer or a sixth grade "Girls on the Run" racer that the main reason she’s able to compete and win is because of a white man who’s been dead for decades?

I wouldn’t advise it; she may be tempted to punch you in the nose. But as the segment of education law known as Title IX turns 40 this month, that’s exactly the argument many of its proponents are making.

In June 1972 President Richard Nixon “signed Title IX, the...