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The Progressive Bible

Conchfritters Wrote: Apr 08, 2013 3:13 PM
Much different perspective than Steve - - who has the unique ability to tell which Christian sects are wrong and whose followers will burn in eternal hellfire, and which ones are right like him and Ted Haggard.

If you’ve been receiving your daily downloads from our media intelligentsia, comrade, you know we must now all bow down at the altar of demographics. Therefore, our traditions and morals must forevermore be defined not by their truthfulness, but rather if they pass muster with those who binge on Mountain Dew Code Red while watching “Modern Family” reruns.

Hence, we must evolve or we will die a cruel, slow death where Karma (the only spiritual force beyond ourselves now officially recognized in our brave, new world) sentences us to an eternity of Karl Rove-Dick Morris vaudeville shows as punishment for...