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Newt Nails It

Conchfritters Wrote: Mar 27, 2013 9:22 AM
The mormon church is very much against gay marriage (doesn't matter - - evangelicals will never vote for a mormon anyways; everyone knows why they sat out the last election). But I just remembered, there are sects of the mormon church that support the plural marriages you were referencing. Last I checked, Warren Jeffs, a fundamentalist Christian, who interprets the bible very strictly, is very supportive of multiple marriages (and not the kind Newt had). Last I checked, Warren Jeffs is hugely influential and is reaching critical mass in 40 of the 50 States. I see a constitutional ammendment on it by year end. There is a million multiple marriage march (4M) scheduled for this summer.

Back in January, I wrote a column for expressing my disappointment that Newt Gingrich appeared to be waving the white flag in defense of marriage.

This time I come not to bury the former House Speaker but to praise him. In the wake of Senator Rob Portman deciding his son’s thoughts on sexuality are more important than God’s, Gingrich was one of several Republican standard-bearers asked to comment on the issue of marriage by the mainstream media.

And in an interview on CNN, Gingrich gave about the best answer a politician in his position possibly could:

”Well, my...