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Laissez Faire Marriage

Conchfritters Wrote: Apr 29, 2013 3:22 PM
Wow - - this is a much different post than what has been on Steve's website. Just a couple of weeks ago on his website Steve went apoplectic and told any conservative who is for same sex marriage that they were going to burn in hell, and suffer eternal damnation. It appears he is now taking a more nuanced approach. But while just a handful of traditional conservatives follow his missives on his personal website, Steve knows he can't get away with such rhetoric here on this site, so thus the softer, gentler argument. My argument is: Who the heck cares? Did I miss something, or are we $16 trillion in the hole? Millions are out of work, and we get.... Gay marriage? Our liberties are under assault, and Steve uses this valuable space...

There are three kinds of people nowadays advocating the state get out of the marriage business altogether.

One group is just using this terminology to camouflage the fact they’re really pro-homosexuality, and they just don’t want the conservatarian crowd they’ve aligned themselves with to know it while they infiltrate their ranks.

The next group is made up of politicians more concerned about earning the approval of the secular/liberal media than they honoring their sworn oaths of office, or their own voters, so this is their attempt to punt rather than fight. They clumsily adopt this position with tortured statements...