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Saying that it is a mental disorder is just playing right into their trap, by making giving them victimhood status and giving them sympathy. Because of that I am afraid that it will open the door to tax payers subsidizing operations and trips to the shrink - - as if being transgendered is anywhere on the same level as someone who suffers from Schizophrenia. This is a choice they have made. Like the guy or gal with tattoos and piercings all over their face. Weird? Yes. Freakish? Yes. Mentally ill and deserving of tax payer support? No.
There are some people who also like to get tattoos all over their face and piercings in the most interesting places - - I don't think it is mentally healthy for people to believe that their bodies should look like that, but then again I don't pay much attention to that because that is not my business either. Do I think they are weird? Yes. But I don't think that they are mentally ill. Then again those folks aren't asking for my tax money to fund their personal choices, so I tip my hat to all the freaks out there - just don't ask for any money from the government to subsidize your freakiness.
I get it, you think these people are sick. I think this is a choice they make on their own. I don't agree with their thought process, but then again I try to mind my own business. There are people who suffer from things like Down syndrome, who were abandonded at a young age, and rely on social services to help them with daily needs. If some of my tax money is spent on this, I have no problem with that. But not one penny for someone who chooses a lifestyle that is different from the norm. They are not sick, and they don't deserve a handout for the choices they have made.
I get it, and it won't work. The government and religion do not mix. There are plenty of churches who will marry them, and many who won't. Religions and churches are private institutions, and should not be made to bow down to any group or movement Good luck on getting the Nation Of Islam and Louis Farrakhan to marry you if you are gay. Asking them to do so is stirring the pot. It would be like a Athiest forcing the Mormon church to let them in.
Nope, no way. He wants to be a girl? None of my business. I could care less. He can go pay for it himself. That is why I don't agree with saying that transgenderism is a mental illness. It is a slap in the face to people who really are mentally ill. I have a close relative who has suffered from Schizophrenia and depression their whole life. Hearing voices of your loved ones telling you over and over again in your head that you are a bad person and should hurt yourself is a horrible thing to try to live with, and does not deserve on any day to be likened to someone who was born a man and wants to be a girl.
My brother coined my favorite term for the lottery - it's called the "idiot tax".
I agree with Ken. There are plenty of churches who will marry homosexuals. Lutherans, Presbyterians, Unitarians, Episcopalians - - to force the Catholics, Mormons, or 7th Day Adventists to do the same is ridiculous. Whoever says different is a pot stirring imbecile. If you were gay and wanted to get married, would you go to an Episcopal church where they will welcome you with open arms? Or go to a Mormon church where they view your lifestyle as an abomination? Government needs to stay out of religion.
"Transgenderism Is A Mental Illness, Not A Civil Rights Issue" - - Be careful of what you say; if it becomes classified as a mental illness, then it opens the door to tax payer funded surgeries tied to this. My grandfather was the most conservative person I knew, and whenever someone asked him about his affairs, he would say: "none of your dam business!" Somehow we have gotten away from "none of your dam business" to making everyone's affairs our dam business. And that goes for both sides. I could care less about this issue as I don't know any transgendered people, and they don't effect my life one iota. But at the same time, I don't want to be on the hook for anyone's plastic surgery - that makes it my business.
"Stand up for the Constitution you swore to protect." Stand up for the US Constitution, or the Iraqi Constitution?
"Military Poll: Most Troops Oppose Ground Troops in Iraq" No kidding? You mean to say that our troops don't want to participate in a civil war between muslim tribes that has been raging for 1,400 years? What's the matter with them?
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