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Same thing happened to an extent in 2004 with ballot initiatives on banning gay marriage passing in 11 States. That was a tactic by Karl Rove and it worked nicely, with the Republicans padding their lead in the house by a few seats.
Or holding political office? Well, that would disqualify Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, George Bush, George Pataki, Dana Rohrabacher, Rick Santorum, Peter Torkildsen, Clarence Thomas (OK - Justice Thomas wasn't elected).
And where do you hail from SA2014? No rednecks in your corner of the world?
December 1993 - I was in the pan handle, and it went from the low 70s to the mid 30s with a sleet storm in about 2 hours when a Texas Blue Northern rolled in. And you are right about the polls. Don't over estimate Iowans - - this is the same State that sent Tom Harkin to Washington several times in a row. And Tom Harkin made Ted Kennedy look like Barry Goldwater - Harkin was a clown, and one of the worst senators this nation has ever had to suffer.
"The rabid Libertarian Republican haters on Townhall will be very upset by this poll." Why the hatred for libertarians? And why do you think that a lbertarian would be happier with Braley than Earnst? Which candidate is for smaller government? Do you mean to suggest that Joni is not for individual responsibility and liberty? Is she one of those "republicans" that acts conservative, and when elected, will become democrat-lite?
Sadly, I think even your "best of circumstances" only applies to very few people. Less than 12% of the people in this country attend church on a weekly basis.
Chuck is a joke, and most people in Florida recognize that. I bet that the Amendment 2 will pass because of bi-partisan support, and Chuck still loses in a landslide.
"The democrats are making a huge tactical mistake." I agree. 84% of Republicans support medical marijuana. This is an issue that does not break down easily along party lines.
“If you want to go somewhere you can smoke medicinal weed then you ought to be able to do that.” Gov. Rick Perry
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A Basket of Snakes

Conchfritters Wrote: Sep 26, 2014 5:28 PM
While ISIS tries to lop off Assad's head, Hezbollah has their hands full. Shiite extremists slaughtering Sunni extremists. Win win for Israel.
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