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Too many people on TH say they are for Liberty, and then espouse taking away the rights of millions. They say they are for limited goverment, but then argue for more spending on the most wasteful branch of the goverment ($100 toilet seats and $200 hammers look like a bargain compared to the F-22 engine). They espouse freedom, but then want the Federal Government to legislate morality. A new age is dawning, and freedom and liberty will be the true winners. The dixicrats and fake conservatives who think that the necessary role of Government is to legislate what happens in your bedroom will just have to go back to the other party.
Exactly. Like it or not, the party needs the support of those who do not pray, or who pray to a different God.. This party needs the support of Liberty minded people who truly want a limited government, and that will include Mormons, Lutherans, Muslims, Jews, women, Latinos, young people, people who might live together who are unmarried (gasp!), Hindus, gays, athiests, agnostics, and millions of others. It's OK to pray, but if the party hopes to have any future electoral success, it will need to embrace more than just a group of people whose demographic is shrinking by 10% a year (chuch going people).
"A Christian is taught if he denies Christ in any setting – even politics or a NFL team locker room – then Christ will deny him in turn on the Day of Judgment." - - Only in your church, Steve. I suppose you also think that the Disciple Peter is roasting in hell, did he not deny Christ three times? I know you hold these same views for people who are unmarried living together, athiests, agnostics, Muslims, Lutherans, Mormons, Hindus, name any religion other than your brand of Chrisianity. Exhibit A why the GOP is shedding members in waves to the Independent and Libertarian Parties. Thankfully, I have yet to hear any Jewish Republican tell me how badly I am going to burn in hell because I lived with my wife for two years before we got married.
Hardly anyone seems to care because the vast majority of Christians support gays. The vast majority of Christians are also conservative, so they tend to mind their own business, a concept that seems bereft of any place in Steve's mind. Steve has also lost most of his credibility with many Evangelical Christians, who regard him as a pot stirrer. He tells anyone willing to listen (and there aren't many) that family members who love and support other gay family members are going to burn in hell, but then he happily supports Newt Gingrich for President in the last election cycle. The same Newt Gingrich who has had three wives; and left one of them while she was in the hospital with cancer. The same Gingrich who has family members who do not regard him any more. Also, look at Steve's support for candidates on the State level in Iowa, and look at who he supported for Governor there. If anything, Steve has shown us the guiding light to electoral success is - - to do the exact opposite of what he says to do! He is like an inverse talisman!
Interesting. Most Christian Churches I know of support Gays, marry Gays in their congregations, babtize their children, and generally support Gays. Most people I know also mind their own business. A small fraction of the GOP wants the party to adhere to their brand of Christianity, and theirs only, and to heck with women, latinos, blacks, Hindus, Jews, Musilms, athiests, agnostics, Lutherans, people who live together before marriage, Mormons, gays, people who support gays... It's hard to win elections when you announce to 90% of the country that they have no seat at the table. And the GOP hasn't been losing elections because they are not socially conservative enough - - give me a freaking break. It's because the fiscally conservative party leaders would like to spend your tax dollars at only a slightly slower rate than the other party. They want war across the globe, and like poking their noses in everyone else's business. Back to the donkey Dixi-crats!!!
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Ann Coulter's Conservative Sell-Out

Conchfritters Wrote: Feb 18, 2014 5:08 PM
I love Ann! She is probably the hottest dude out there there - - not that there is anything wrong with that.
Yeah, moron, because Bill Maher said so. You obviously watch a lot of HBO, catch Bill as often as you can (I don't get HBO at home), so do tell, what does Bill have to say about it? Whatever your response, I won't be checking back for an answer - I could care less. Go worship one of the 4,300+ deities people pray to on earth. I am sure you picked the right one, afterall, a book said so.
don't pay any attention to Dawkins. Not even sure who you are talking about, but OK. As far as being a prog, actually far from it. Libertarian, proud to be a scorned member of the GOP.
Yet entirely unsurprising. He and many others have been trying very hard to make sure that women, young people, athiests, agnostics, jews, muslims, hindus, latinos, people who live together before marriage, and many others never vote or support a Republican again - - and it seems to be working great!!!
hey, if the invisible guy up in the sky says so, you just have to listen. Afterall - - it was written in a book.
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