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War on Easter? Schools, Cities Planning Another Round of ‘Spring Egg Hunts’

ConcernedMan Wrote: Mar 25, 2013 6:15 PM
"But Christianity IS meaningless" Darn, I was just going to say that. You do understand that "meaningless" means there won't be that god/man argument, right?

In our increasingly politically-correct society, Christmas isn’t the only holiday too hot to handle for school districts. Easter, another holiday rooted in Christian faith, is now being marginalized by governmental entities.

School districts and cities across America are holding “Spring egg hunts” and similar events, frequently omitting the word “Easter” from calendars and public announcements. Consider these:

• On March 16th, Flat Rock Elementary School in Anderson, South Carolina is holding a “Community Egg Hunt.”
West Shore School District will be holding its “PTO Egg Hunt” on March 16th.
• New York’s East Meadow Schools will be...