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Obama vs Romney Polls: When You Crunch the Numbers, Romney is Actually Doing Very Well

ConcealedCarry Wrote: Sep 25, 2012 2:53 PM
It's very hard to "step outside" your own perspective. I'm sure people in many parts of Texas and Wyoming are confident about Romney's chances in November. Conservatives who live in NYC are probably very pessimistic about our future with Obama's "looming second term." Conservatives in rural Ohio are probably seeing Romney/Ryan coming on strong, but are aware from past experience that Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati will likely wind up dictating the final outcome in their state. If your mood is affected by polls, it's probably best to ignore the polls and cling to your God, your guns, and your voter registration card all the way through election day.
Lib at Heart Wrote: Sep 25, 2012 4:22 PM
As a former Ohioan, I thank God for Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincy. (Actually, helping in the elections are about all Cleveland is good for.) Having said that. I've seen a lot of the rural conservatives changing their tune in recent years. Many friends and relatives back home who have been lifelong Republicans have been voting Democrat the past 4 to 6 years. And Most continue to do so today, even though they are still registered Republicans. (Except my mother-in-law...she actually switched affiliation!)
Carlos7 Wrote: Sep 25, 2012 4:11 PM
Especially when Cleveland tallies more votes for Obama than exist voters in that City.

Democrat = Coward
Editors' note: this piece originally appeared at PolicyMic.

Two things typically happen after the major parties conventions come to an end. People that normally do not pay attention for most of the year start to pay attention to the news and polls more, and voter enthusiasm jumps up as a result. The major polls that are appearing on the daily newscasts, in the newspapers and on the internet have become incredibly important. While meant to accurately reflect the views of the nation, these polls today have unfortunately turned into a weapon.

Many major organizations have skewed their...