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Is it Time to Throw in the Towel?

ConcealedCarry Wrote: Feb 11, 2013 8:08 PM
K'ssandra Wrote: "Please, keep being vocal about your bigotry. . .that way you'll drive yourselves right into honest insignificence just like the white supremicists have." Dr. Brown wrote: "I can truly thank gay activists for helping us understand their world better – including the pain of bullying and the unique struggles they have endured – and for that, I am grateful. And I can admire their zeal and courage..." K'ssandra sounds like the bigot, not Dr. Michael Brown. (and, unlike K'ssandra, Dr. Brown can spell)
rmccarthy Wrote: Feb 12, 2013 9:24 AM
More like a backhanded compliment from someone who claims to be motivated by love.
HeraldOfGalactus Wrote: Feb 12, 2013 8:55 AM
Dr. Brown has said a great many other insensitive things towards homosexuals over the years. Quote mining people to suit your particular views is a dishonest way of framing the argument. The fact remains that Dr. Brown is on the side that is quickly fading as a new generation comes of age and another generation begins to die out. That's not bigotry. That's just demographics.

Republican leaders have capitulated, pro-family pundits have caved, and gay activists have announced that their struggle for equality is just about over. Is it time for biblical conservatives to throw in the towel?

What a ridiculous thought. Why in the world would we do that?

I’m fully aware that:

· Newt Gingrich recently announced his belief that same-sex unions are “inevitable” and that Republicans must accept this if they want to win future elections.

· Pro-marriage leader David Blankenhorn has recanted his opposition to same-sex “marriage,” saying “the time has come for me to accept gay marriage and...