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OK. I'm ashamed to admit it, but I read it as a child. I also read all of the Chronicles of Narnia as a child. On the other hand, I would never call anyone uneducated who never read "Lord of the Rings." Now, someone like you, TinDim, who is Biblically illterate --- I would call YOU uneducated.
At least TinDim is consistent. Take nothing he says seriously.
"Lord of the Rings?" - classical literature? Me --- lack of knowledge? Au contraire on both counts! I believe that "Lord of the Rings" was a JRR Tolkien book (which, by the way, I never read) that was written in the early to mid-20th century. That may be "classical" to you, but it seems to me more like pop culture, based on the fact that most have only seen the movie and never read the book... P.S. I was using your "Thou shalt not pass" quote as an opportunity to make bad jokes about Obama and methane expulsion. Thanks for the opportunity! P.P.S. This comment is also an attempt at sarcasm or sardonic humor. In fact, most of my comments on this site are not serious, except when I'm responding to certain miscreants. Amy, you are DEFINITELY not one of those miscreants. :-)
"Thou shall not pass"??? What the ---? Which Bible did you get that out of? It sounds like one of Michelle Obama's school lunch - or post-school lunch - guidelines. Or, maybe it's one of Obama's new EPA directives aimed at bovine flatulence!
BINGO! That should pretty much end the argument. It won't, but it should.
"You want gov to impose laws that limit individual freedoms just because you do not like the people whose Freedom you want limited." No, TinDim, he wants the government to stop imposing a redefinition of marriage - period. (you really do have a totalitarian somewhere on the inside of you)
Straw man alert! -We've never engaged in genocide against Indians. -We fought a war to end slavery and sacrificed lives expiate that wrong. -No one minds if two women have a wedding ceremony. We just don't want to redefine marriage. Does Tinsldr always engage in this kind of specious monologue?
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Three Cords And The Truth

ConcealedCarry Wrote: Jun 10, 2014 10:45 AM
Notice Rod's mantra, "I am offended." It is no longer good enough to disagree. If you only disagree, it means you are a thinking person. If you're offended, now THAT allows you to not only have a different opinion but you are now justified in simply dismissing the opinion of the person with whom you disagree without actually addressing the original point that was made. If Rod's not a leftist, he's been influenced by leftists - or he's just a sissy.
"5 Truths You're Not Allowed To Say About Gays In America" Fact #1: John Hawkins IS allowed to say these things on TH. Fact #2: Hawkins is NOT allowed to say these things on a college campus. Fact #3: No one is allowed to go on any TV news show and call these statements facts or "the truth" without being ridiculed and insulted. Good column.
Steve of CA Wrote: "I do not have children, I wish I did... It is wonderful to have children, but the world is overpopulated too." Steve, to say the world is overpopulated is, at best, intellectually lazy, at worst, it's stupid. Define "overpopulated." Give us a number that defines the "ideal" population number. Give a basis - proper number of people per acre, or optimum number of total inhabitants - on which you base your assertion that "the world is overpopulated too." Steve, you're just regurgitating mindless drivel you've clearly heard from someone else. Surely you're better than that? I would hope so - please confirm my hopes.
My dad quit high school after 10th grade, yet he encouraged me to pursue a college degree and supported my efforts to get a PhD. What's wrong with this picture, Cardinal5671? The truth is the truth, even when you don't like the source from which the truth is articulated. I think, Cardinal, that we are close enough friends for me to say this: Don't be an idiot...
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