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The Ultimate Source of Civility

ConcealedCarry Wrote: Sep 03, 2014 12:19 PM
"I’ve been... pondering the Great Questions, such as why God permits evil." God permits evil but God will also, one Day, judge evil. There is an evil committed by American Christians for which many of us will one day be judged; we Americans who call ourselves Christian often do not exercise our God-given privilege of voting. Perhaps, if we repent, it's not too late for this country.
Tinsldr2 Wrote: "I is a subsidiary of Google which means content is not determined by the google HQ but is run independently by the Youtube executives (and I would be surprised if a decision lie removing this content ever reached even the Youtube executive level" uh... it's owned by Google, but-but, uh... it's really separate from Google so, like, uh, uh... Nice try, dimbulb...
A clear majority of Americans simply do not want marriage redefined. (I typed it slowly that time --- I'm doing all I can to help you)
"Virtually ALL of the anti-gay state constitutional amendments ban civil unions and domestic partnerships in addition to marriage." This is typical of the idiocy spouted by leftist tools on this particular issue. PLEASE try to understand: No one wants to ban ANYTHING! A clear majority of Americans simply do not want marriage redefined.
Actually, Stan, on a Sunday it's appropriate to point out that this is a spiritual issue. Homosexuals embrace a lifestyle that is anti-Christ and they are therefore attempting to further erode the influence of Christianity on our society. Plus that "endorsement and acceptance" thing you wrote about...
Tinsldr, Chries does not realize that you do not believe in absolute truth, nor do you have any fear of God. You and he have unwittingly provided an instructive contrast between one who embraces the Divine Light of Truth (Chries) and one who denies the existence of that Light and is therefore unable to embrace the obvious (that would be Tinsldr2). Thanks for the tutorial.
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This is Providence

ConcealedCarry Wrote: Aug 28, 2014 9:34 AM
(800 word limit - would've had to leave something out to finish it)
Exactly what is the point of your stupid comment? Do you think the fact that Jefferson is not in heaven refutes the premise of the column and therefore refutes Giles' points? Change your name from "DoctorRoy" to "DoctorDelusional."
"President Carter Aligns Himself With Terrorists" President Carter is a hero in the Democratic Party. I guess that explains why the Obamacrats support Hamas over Israel...
As usual, Ann Coulter's research and the points in her column are thorough and poignant. In an unusual turn of events, her conclusion - "There may be no reason for panic about the Ebola doctor, but there is reason for annoyance at Christian narcissism" - seems to be divorced from the points she makes --- and divorced from reality.
"There are no local doctors in Liberia that can handle the Ebola epidemic over there?" Answer: No. Thanks for playing.
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