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(NOTE about TOK: old geezers with iPads are a menace to intelligent discourse on this site)
The Original King Wrote: " point is that IF society is as anti-cigar as Prager whines about, then any CURRENT discussion about Red would focus on how bad of a person he was for smoking cigars.....and that simply is NOT the case. It's a non-issue" ... case-in-point! "(NOTE: old geezers with iPads are a menace to intelligent discourse on this site)"
FLMC and TOK are clueless. They both need to go back inside to the cafeteria in their care center, finish reading the New York Times, and take a nap so they can be fresh for the "early bird special" at 4:30. (NOTE: old geezers with iPads are a menace to intelligent discourse on this site)
Garcetti is clearly clueless and stupid. If he was just, "trying to relate to the people," he failed miserably since almost half of the people in his city probably find public use of profanity to be offensive. On the other hand, if he was TRYING to be "cutting edge" or offensive, he failed miserably since a large number of his fellow drunks applauded him. Next time, Mayor, if you want to be truly offensive, do the following: Light up a big cigar, take a puff, then say, "Let's bow for a moment of silence to thank God for empowering the Kings to win," that way you can offend EVERYONE. The best thing for a mayor to do is simply say, "Congratulations," and allow the team that won to be the story, rather than a mayor who has nothing to do with their winning the Stanley Cup.
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The Top 8 Things to Think About

ConcealedCarry Wrote: Jun 23, 2014 10:14 AM
"When I read junk like this, by people who can't differentiate between fact and opinion, I thank GOD I'm agnostic." Flat-earth is clearly making a poor and foolish attempt at satire. Otherwise, she would simply disagree with Barber's OPINION-PIECE, rather than accusing him of not being able to differentiate between fact and opinion. That, and the part about an agnostic giving thanks to God, seems to clearly indicate satire.
OK. I'm ashamed to admit it, but I read it as a child. I also read all of the Chronicles of Narnia as a child. On the other hand, I would never call anyone uneducated who never read "Lord of the Rings." Now, someone like you, TinDim, who is Biblically illterate --- I would call YOU uneducated.
At least TinDim is consistent. Take nothing he says seriously.
"Lord of the Rings?" - classical literature? Me --- lack of knowledge? Au contraire on both counts! I believe that "Lord of the Rings" was a JRR Tolkien book (which, by the way, I never read) that was written in the early to mid-20th century. That may be "classical" to you, but it seems to me more like pop culture, based on the fact that most have only seen the movie and never read the book... P.S. I was using your "Thou shalt not pass" quote as an opportunity to make bad jokes about Obama and methane expulsion. Thanks for the opportunity! P.P.S. This comment is also an attempt at sarcasm or sardonic humor. In fact, most of my comments on this site are not serious, except when I'm responding to certain miscreants. Amy, you are DEFINITELY not one of those miscreants. :-)
"Thou shall not pass"??? What the ---? Which Bible did you get that out of? It sounds like one of Michelle Obama's school lunch - or post-school lunch - guidelines. Or, maybe it's one of Obama's new EPA directives aimed at bovine flatulence!
BINGO! That should pretty much end the argument. It won't, but it should.
"You want gov to impose laws that limit individual freedoms just because you do not like the people whose Freedom you want limited." No, TinDim, he wants the government to stop imposing a redefinition of marriage - period. (you really do have a totalitarian somewhere on the inside of you)
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