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"... please contact me for information regarding the difference between 'voluntary' and 'coerced'. It turns out they're not the same." It's pretty clear, eric, why no one contacts you for information. Your information is nebulous at best, ridiculous at worst. Either way, you're clearly a Firefox-using-doper.
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What the Left Did Last Week

ConcealedCarry Wrote: Apr 15, 2014 12:34 AM
Will Prager-critics or similarly disturbed trolls on this site be willing or able to defend any of the left-wing outrages to which Prager refers in this column? Prediction: The usual naysayers will try deflect Prager's points by referring to a Congressman who was videoed in a compromising situation or they will fall back on the usual mantra, "Bush was worse!"
Good point. My life is a series of miracles. Of course, guys like Zealous won't believe in miracles even when they can be documented. I wonder if ZealousConscript really thinks he is smarter than people like our founding fathers, countless other great thinkers of the early 20th century, and even Charles Krauthammer of the present. Hint: Zealous probably DOES think he's smarter. All the more reason to deride his comments.
Hey, Stevie, REAL Christians have always supported the Constitution's anti-establishment clause (the closest the Constitution ACTUALLY comes to talking about "separation of church and state). REAL Christians support freedom of religion, freedom of religious expression, and freedom of speech. Unfortunately, we who support these things in the 21st century are mislabeled by people like you as "those who want a theocracy." Truly an upside down and perverted world...
Well, Political, while the statistics I gave were accurate, the labels I used were meant as kind of a joke. Since you clearly have no sense of humor, I'm guessing you're one of the 20% who are liberal-leftist-anti-America-commie-pinkos to which I was referring. Have a nice life - you're clearly going to have a troubling after-life (unless this Easter Season changes your heart).
sheepdog, look at his nickname; he's a true believer. This guy is exactly right about the Democratic Party embracing atheism in 2000 when AlGore ran.
"Our country is divided roughly in half between Democrats and Republicans" Actually, Stevie, that's rather simplistic. The country is 40% self-labeled conservatives (real Americans), 20% self-labeled liberals (leftist-anti-America-commie-pinkos), and 40% self-labeled moderates (ignoramuses who don't follow politics but go and vote every four years for whichever Presidential candidate the media convinces them is the LEAST scary). The column is actually spot-on, for the most part.
Hey, Doc, sometimes free speech is inconvenient and, yes, inappropriate. Free speech that is restricted by someone's personal taste --- that's not free speech. For instance, I find your deliberate misspelling of an obscene term to be personally offensive, but I know you are free to express yourself in this country. I also know that I am free to flag your comment as offensive - which I will - but on this site, we're dealing with a private enterprise. It is immoral and unconstitutional for a public school to exercise the kind of censorship described in the article.
Niiiice... (not)
Big O7, Ms. Wright is still quite young. Her views will either mature as she marries and has a family or she will never marry and thus risk jeopardizing and compromising her present conservative beliefs. Why don't you just cut her some slack?
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