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Trog, I was merely referring to Cruz's position as a representative of the Lone Star State. When he seeks national office, don't shut up, open your mouth and make a fool of yourself criticizing Ted Cruz.
"Now my daughter has gone viral." If the school had done that to my daughter, I would have gone ballistic...
If you're not from Texas and you don't like what Ted Cruz is saying, please just shut up (I'd even be willing to help you shut up).
Good point, DSMike. Also, from a strictly strategic view, Israel is our only proven ally in an area of the world that is vital to domestic and economic interests of the United States.
As a man - a REAL man - a woman or a child hitting me does not and can not provoke me to retaliate by hitting back. I would, however, exercise appropriate physical restraint or redirection until the emotions are brought under control. As I've always said to women and children, "If you hit me and I find out about it, we're going to have a serious talk."
I'm from Texas. Ted Cruz is the first Senator in my lifetime (as a point of reference, I was a small child when Lloyd Bentsen was a Texas Senator) who speaks FOR me. Every word he has said and every action he has taken since he took his oath of office, from the government shutdown to the speech in this column, Ted Cruz has said and done exactly what I would have said in done if I were in Washington. I couldn't be more proud to be from Texas. Thank you, Sen. Cruz.
Muslims and all other practitioners of non-Christian religions should be welcomed in this country... ON ONE CONDITION. That condition is, that they conduct themselves in accordance with the Christian practices and values that are uniquely American and are in line with the scriptural principles on which this Christian nation was founded. Mormons are a great historical example. They willingly terminated their non-Christian practices of polygamy and misogyny and are now allowed the free exercise of their religion in accordance with the 1st Amendment. Am I saying that Muslims should act like Christians? Yes. Mormons became a very wonderful addition to our society and culture once they started acting like Christians.
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Speed Kills Racial Profiling Study

ConcealedCarry Wrote: Sep 04, 2014 10:15 AM
This is Coulter at her best. Her research and analysis on this one are, once again, inarguable. It'll be interesting - and instructive - to see who tries to argue with her...
LOL, Tin, you're really on a roll today.
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The Ultimate Source of Civility

ConcealedCarry Wrote: Sep 03, 2014 12:19 PM
"I’ve been... pondering the Great Questions, such as why God permits evil." God permits evil but God will also, one Day, judge evil. There is an evil committed by American Christians for which many of us will one day be judged; we Americans who call ourselves Christian often do not exercise our God-given privilege of voting. Perhaps, if we repent, it's not too late for this country.
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