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Houston Group Begins Study to Determine Whether More Guns Equals Less Crime

comsense08 Wrote: Feb 23, 2013 7:54 AM
It's not so much the numbers of guns, is the skill level, and mind set of the people who own them. I can have 20 in the house, but will probably only need one to defend my life. With that said, I have the right to have those 20 guns, and I have the right which one I chose to use. I AM, howerver, responsible for that usage. This should be a question of usage, similar to a motor vehicle. People need to be trained, and they need to made aware of the legal implications of gun usage. That's where the NRA and CCW come in. CCW trained, American citizens are not the ones to be feared. They are the ones who will stand in the gap between the criminals, and the overworked police.
gwharpo Wrote: Feb 23, 2013 1:42 PM
We need to quit comparing guns to cars. It's two different things.

Executive Director of Armed Citizens Project Kyle Coplen is determined to figure out if more guns really lead to less crime. To do this, the organization is seeking to arm individuals in a few “mid to high crime” Houston neighborhoods to determine whether there’s a statistically significant relationship—or even a causal link—between...

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